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Posted on Tuesday, May 06 2003 @ 15:18 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

CoolerMaster Aero7 vs X-Dream SE
Coolermaster Aero7 (Aero 7) tested and compared to the X-Dream SE. To finish it of we slap on a 80mm Delta and see how this baby performs compared to the SLK800/900 and the older Alpha PAL8045 and Swiftech 462-A!

Review Link : Madshrimps

Coolermaster Aero 7
This cooler is really intresting. It's called Aero 7 and it really looks like a airplane engine This new technique is supposed to be alot better than the normal old fans. We are going to overclock and compare this to another coolermaster cooler. Enough talk let's get this show on the road...

Review Link : R&B Mods

PCToys VGA Maxx VGA Card Heatpipe Cooler Review
Cooling performance is provided using the included heatpipe. Ultimately, it is a copper pipe with a porous inner lining and a small amount of coolant. The principle is that coolant sealed in the pipe is vaporized at the heat source (taking the heat with it) and rises to the top of the pipe where it cools back into a liquid form releasing the thermal energy to the large air cooled heatsinks. This technology has been previously applied to computing solutions that required passive cooling for space limitations (like a notebook or small form factor PCs), but has since branched out as a supplemental aid to conventional CPU and GPU cooling.

Review Link : MTB

The Home Entertainment PC Part 2
Icrontic continues our five part series guiding you on the path towards Home Theatre PC or Home Entertainment PC (HEPC) enlightenment. In part One Micro-ATX PC cases were examined, how they looked and what they offered. In Part Two the Micro-ATX motherboard is reviews featuring the latest NFORCE2 technology.
Link : Icrontic

Plextor PX-504A DVD+R/RW Drive
Build around the DVD+R/RW formats, the PX-504A features 4x DVD+R and 2.4x DVD+RW writing speeds. Aside the writing speeds are the specific features from Plextor, like PoweRec, BURN-Proof protection and many others. Besides the DVD recording capabilities, the drive also supports 16x CD-R and 10x CD-RW writing speeds. The 12x DVD and 40x CD reading speeds are more than enough for any DVD or CD media.

Review Link : TechConnect

Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9700 PRO Ultimate Edition Review
ATI's Radeon 9700 PRO has been available for some time now, but sales of the board are still quite strong. Despite numerous add-in board vendors adopting ATI's R300 chipset there has been very little in the way deviation from ATI's reerence designs, hence a lack of product differentiation. Sapphire introduced one of the more interesting configurations of 9700 PRO and we check out what the Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9700 PRO Ultimate Edition 128MB has to offer.

"For this board Sapphire have employed a Zalman heat-pipe solution, rather than a more standard cooler with a fan. As can be seen this solution uses a lot of metal, which eats up the PCI slot adjacent to the AGP slot and also plenty of room on the back side of the board. The pay-off, though, is that we can still get the full performance of the Radeon 9700 PRO but silently, as there is no fan on the board."
Review Link : Beyond3D

Tech Gallery
I have finally rebuilt my case mod gallery and decided to post more then just case mods. Come check it out I am posting case mods, Cool tech photos, and broken hardware. I will add more category’s as needed.
Gallery Link : CyberCPU

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