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Posted on Wednesday, May 07 2003 @ 15:31 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Noise Isolator Fan Controller
The RH-35 was able to control my 4x 80mm Vantec Tornado fans with no problems, and at 13W per channel it could even handle the 12.5W of a 92mm Vantec Tornado. The blue LEDs put off a nice glow, and the fact that matches the Lian Li case so well is an extra plus. Another nice thing about this, is it's small and can fit in the now almost useless floppy drive bay, leaving your 5.25" bays open for things like LCD screens, HDD coolers, or other important things.

Review Link : OCC

ATI All-In-Wonder 9700 Pro Review
In my opinion, ATi has produced the best All in Wonder card in the world with the AIW 9700 Pro. This card is substantially more advanced than the last generation AIW...
Review Link : 3dXtreme

GAINWARD GeForce 4 Power Pack! Ultra/ 750-8X XP Golden Sample Review
GAINWARD, doesn't really need any introduction anymore as you may have know that they are one of the pioneers in bringing in the very latest video card to the PC masses. They are well-known, most noticeably, their line of Golden Sample cards! Why is it so? According to them, most of the card they produced are mostly made out of the hand-picked components on almost every part of the card...
Review Link : myWorld Hardware

Phonex Broadband Neverwire 14
In today’s world, we use a device with the internet every single day. In mostly every home today, there is a high speed internet service. Also, many homes have more then one computer and share their internet service with the use of a network. Normally you would think to use a router to share the connection and Ethernet wires to connect the computers. But it’s not always easy to get the wires to each of the computers and what happens if they are the complete opposite from each other in the house?

Well, the use of wireless is one thing, but who wants go out and pay the money for that? Plus, wireless isn’t as safe and fast as wired connections. Well, have you ever though of using the thing we use every day in our homes and offices; powerlines. Yes, we can now use powerlines that are all around the home and office areas to be able to share the internet and transfer data

Review Link : Geekshelter

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