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Posted on Thursday, May 08 2003 @ 14:26 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

KTI Networks Pen Drive 2.0
These days portable storage solutions are king. Finding a device with a large storage capability, along with fast transfer speeds, and portability, can be mind-boggling. You can use CD-R's, for storage capacity, but it takes time to burn the CD. You can use smart media or compact flash cards to transfer, but they are usually slow and specific to their coupled devices. You can buy a digital wallet (see the review here), for capacity, and speed, but you need a lot of things to make it portable. So I guess your best option is a USB micro storage solution. There are tons of these devices available, but you won't find anything like the KTI Networks Pen Drive 2.0. Not only does the Pen Drive 2.0 offer capacities up to 1GB, but they offer USB 2.0 connectivity that will give you transfer speeds up to 7000KB/s read and 2500KB/s write! We are now going to take a closer look at the Pen Drive 2.0 by KTI Networks

Review Link : HardCoreMods

Speed Pad, Speed Fix,Speed Tapes,Mouse Bean
Ein fast unersetzliches Utensil für jeden Gamer ist ein Mousepad. Besonders wenn die Tischoberfläche nicht unbedingt für eine Maus geschaffen ist. Hier ist der Einsatz von Mousepads unersetzlich und wenn diese dann auch noch ideal fürs Gaming und Arbeiten sind ist das perfekt. Heute haben wir die Pads von Compad mal unter die Lupe genommen.Des weiteren haben wir auch das Spray Speed Fix,die Speed Tapes und den MouseBean unter die Lupe genommen.Was dabei herausgekommen ist lest ihr im folgenden Artikel.

Review Link : Caseumbau (German)

EluminX Illuminated Keyboard Review
Let there be light! Have you had a situation in which you wanted to see your keyboard and not have a light on? I have the answer for you. A keyboard that is backlit, not only that but it is great for gaming and word processing. This is one brilliant product, so do not miss this review. I think it will put some light right were you need it!

Review Link : Furioustech

Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9800 PRO 128MB Review
With ATI's Radeon 9800 PRO having been reviewed some two months ago now, and with it retail release a month later, board vendor variants are eking on to the market in greater numbers. Continuing with our recent glut of Sapphire reviews, today we check out Sapphire take on the 9800 PRO with the Atlantis Radeon 9800 PRO 128MB review.

"If the Sapphire board appears to bear a striking resemblance to the ATI branded board, well that because it does - in fact more than that since they are the same platform. Being one of ATI's own board providers it's easier for Sapphire to adopt ATI reference design immediately for their own retail versions - arguably it could even be more costly for them two run two separate designs for ATI's OEM and their own retail because of economies of scale. The only thing that is evidently different is the use of Sapphire's now trademark heatsink fan."
Review Link : beyond3D

120mm Quad LED Fans
I’ve always thought of 120mm fans as the powerhouse in my case. They’ve never been much to look at because they’re always black; nothing but black. I’ve always thought that 120mm laser cut grills look better than their smaller counter parts but lighting them up was always the problem. Xoxide came through with a Clear 120mm fan that offers quad LED’s. They sent us out 3 color options to review. One thing about these fans, if you’re buying them retail, is that they all look alike. You’ll need to verify by the model number of which one is which. They can only be told apart by the R, G or B on the end of the model number

Review Link : GruntVillE

Zalman ZM400A-APF 400W PSU review
Whenever I think of a power-supply unit, Antec and Enermax are brands that usually spring to mind. Well, Zalman, known for their micro-fin silent coolers, have released a more potent yet equally quiet PSU in the 400W range. Pentium4 overclockers and silentPC fanatics will really dig its excellent ‘rails’ AND utter lack of noise... Here’s a snip:

“Recently, we reviewed the CNPS 7000-Cu noise-reduced copper heatsink/fan cooler from Zalman. In our continuing trend, we take noise-reduction one step further by introducing you to the Zalman ZM400A-APF 400W power-supply unit. Equipped with an Auto Control cooling fan, excellent voltage rails, and a simple yet functional appearance - Black is beautiful, indeed.”

Review Link : EnvyNews

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