AMD Socket AM3 to support DDR3

Posted on Friday, October 20 2006 @ 0:37 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inq takes a look at what AMD's Socket AM2+ and AM3 have to offer:
AM3 is now scheduled for the second half of 2008. AMD claims that it has delayed the AM3 plans as the cross over to DDR 3 won't happen until the middle of 2009 while AM3 "will be on time" before the big crossover happens. This also squares with AMD's planned 45 nanometre production. It is safe to claim that at least some of AM3 CPUs will be 45 nanometre.

AM2+ and the 2007 cores will introduce TSI for fan control. TSI, which stands for "Thermal Sense Interface", is much more accurate than the current thermal diode and will ultimately save costs. It will be part of future south bridges and Super I/O..
More details over here.

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