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Posted on Friday, May 09 2003 @ 12:13 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
To all our affiliated sites : Sorry if the news you submitted today isn't posted, my pc crashed while posting the news and I lost about seven news items. My apologies..
Enlight 420 Watt Dual Fan Power Supply
People wanting a pretty power supply may not like the plain appearance of Enlight's 420 Watt Dual Fan unit, but power supplies are about performance first, and this one delivers. One highly functional feature of the appearance that I do like, and would now like to see more on other brands, is the internally mounted fan guards that are flush with the outer surface of the housing.

Review Link : Big Bruin

Maxtop CSX-7788KEB-WIN case
Here’s a decent case for the cost-aware gamer or student mod’er. At only $55 US with a 350W PSU, a top blow-hole, side window and panel fan, and the front bubble lights, it’s a great start for those that want to take it to the next level without fear of botching a more expensive case... Here’s a snip:

“When Maxtop approached us to review case gear, we were scratching our heads wondering who they were. Maxtop is a large case manufacturer for a majority of the inexpensive mod-case towers we all see out there - you know, the ones with bubble lights, case windows, blow holes, and funky front panels. Recently we reviewed some case lighting kits from Maxtop. Today, we take a gander at their CSX-7788KEB-WIN case which has started to pop-up all over the net on other review sites. This is a good low-cost case that has great potential for case modding.”

Review Link : EnvyNews

The Home Entertainment PC Part 3: Audio
In Part 3 the goal for the HEPC is to utilize a PCI sound card that would deliver the highest quality sound to a home theatre amplifier for playback of digital music files by way of a digital interface. Secondary to that was DVD and game sound. Everyone should ask themselves a few questions before asking questions of others. Properly assessing needs, desires and present equipment can save a sound card buyer from a wasted and useless expenditure. Specs aren't everything and what ISN'T listed is as important as what is.
Review Link : Icrontic

Leadtek A340TDH 128MB GeForce FX5200 VGA
Leadtek has always offered a very comprehensive package and the A340 is no different. In my mind, this is the best compromise between price and package. You do not want to bundle excessive games or accessories which may results in increased price
Review Link : OCNZ

Semiconductor Physics, Part 3
Ever wondered about why our electronic devices work the way they do? The physics that makes even the most simple transistor possible is an incredible process, and one not easily explained. Read Part 3 of our how-it-works series on Semiconductor Physics.
Link : Hardwareanalysis

Enermax 460W power supply
Enermax is well known for for its computer cases, and its power supplies. The latter are known as some of the best power supplies on the market when it comes to both power and stability. With processors getting faster, there's a bigger demand for higher end power supplies able to support them and other devices within the computer. The Enermax EG465P-VE (460W) power supply isn't just another high wattage device--it now provides EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) reduction with copper mesh shielding around the motherboard cables.

Review Link : IpKonfig

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