NVIDIA G80 has some problems

Posted on Tuesday, October 24 2006 @ 0:14 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inquirer figures NVIDIA still has some problems with their G80 GPU:
NVIDIA IS GIVING out G80 cards to editors' day attendees but no real drivers. Why on earth would Nvidia need to do that? What is broken? Well, it seems G80 has a lot broken, some that will be fixed before launch, and some may be harder to fix.

Drivers on the 25th October will fix SLI, as we understand it is pretty badly borked in the current release. How badly? Enough to crash almost every time, said one source, and so basically unusable.

We have a lot of confidence this will be fixed before launch, possibly in the driver set we told you about earlier. I would only rate this as a corporate embarrassment that will hopefully never leak due to "strong and respected NDAs". The "editors" are wearing chastity belts designed to preserve the new Dawn's virginity.

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