Sunday News bits part 2

Posted on Sunday, May 11 2003 @ 10:43 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

HDD roundup
Quiet high capacity hard drives from Samsung (160G) and Hitachi (120G) go up against our old low-noise favorite, the Seagate Barracuda IV. How do these speedy big new drives compare for noise against the acoustic reference standard? An extensive noise-focused roundup review of 4 drives
Review Link : SilentPC Review

SilenX 14dBA 400W PSU
with a name like SilenX you'd figure has to be quiet, right? The 14 dBA is a good tip off too, tho . This 400W PSU has the quietest 80mm fan I've ever heard -- and it still moves air. And the most massive heatsinks seen on a fan-cooled PSU plus full Active PFC and universal AC input voltage. Another full-tilt power supply review by SilentPC Review.
Review Link : SilentPcReview

MouseCaster FM Radio Mouse Review
While mice do go to "mouse heaven," you may have already had to replace your mouse at one point or another. Or perhaps you are building another PC and need another mouse. No matter what the circumstance, Logitech, Microsoft, and even Belkin, are probably doing great sales in replacement mice, but maybe you want something different? How about this? A mouse with a built in FM radio? Slick you think huh? Hell yes! Continue on as I'll take this mouse through the chopping block!

Review Link : E-T

Zalman CNPS6000-Cu Heatsink Review
What’s that you say? I can’t hear you, talk louder! Ah yes, a typical conversation you could expect around a noisy computer. Some people prefer a noisy computer that they can overclock better, but other people prefer a nice quiet PC. Zalman is known as the king of noise destruction in the PC industry. Today we’ll be looking at their CNPS6000-Cu Heatsink, also known as the ‘Flower Heatsink’. Maybe these products are quiet, but can they perform well? We will soon find out!
Review Link : Blynk

Sunbeam Round Cold Cathode Fans
As a modder you might find yourself asking from time-to-time “How can I add more lights to my case to try and keep the evil night leprechauns away?” These are the type of questions that I often find myself pondering deep into the night as I lay awake desperately trying to hide under the covers. Well enough is enough; it’s time to take a step out of the darkness and into the light. What better way than to start off by looking at two Sunbeam Round Cold Cathode fans and seeing what they have to offer us

Review Link : Tech-Mods

Clearcase from ClearPc
I’ve seen many Clear PC cases around the internet, almost all of them un-modded. Sure, I’ve been nice blue cold cathodes added to make the case shine and a few other small things. But with the exception of MacroMan’s Marco Black case, I haven’t seen anything spectacular. This case mod started with a simple idea, which latter turned out to be one hell of a challenge. I originally thought it was going to be impossible for me to do this, but it actually turned out pretty good! Before we start, let me show you a list of the people who made this review possible, thanks a bunch guys!

Review Link : R&B Mods

Matrox Millenium P750 Video Card Review
Matrox quietly releases their new multi-monitor video cards: The Millennium P650 and P750. Icrontic has the only review sample released to tech sites and we take a close look at the Millenium P750. The PC users who bought the G450 and G550 in droves didn't buy the Parhelia. Somewhere between everything that the Parhelia offers and what the G450 and G550 delivered lay Matrox's new video card.
Review Link : Icrontic

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