DDR3 memory offers more bandwidth, low latency and low power

Posted on Wednesday, October 25 2006 @ 2:12 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Intel presented some DDR3 memory samples at the IDF Fall 06 in Taiwan:
Charles Chang, Intel’s supplier Manager, said during IDF Fall 06 that the company has received DDR3 samples from different manufacturers, and they are working fine in Intel platform. DDR3 is scheduled in mass production in Q107 and available in the market in a quarter later in Q207.

DDR3 has a better Bandwitdh per watt. Comparing to DDR2-800, DDR3-800/1067/1333 use only 72%, 83%, and 95% of power. DDR3 is more power saving at the same time it enhanced the bandwidth. However, Chalres Chang said the company estimates that DDR3 would become main technology in 2009 only. According to a report concerning DDR3 Volume & Pricing Forecast relative to DDR2 from iSuppli, DDR3 would only share 10% of the market in 2007 where its price is 50%higher than DDR2. In 2008, it’s better. DDR3 would rise to 25% of the market share and its price would drop to a similar price of DDR2. Finally, DDR3 is expected to be the main technology in 2009.
More details over at HKEPC.

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