The iPod killers that didn't

Posted on Thursday, October 26 2006 @ 9:50 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Forbes has an article on companies that tried to kill Apple's iPod but kinda failed:
When the iPod entered the arena in late 2001, competitors continued to produce and sell their own versions, but nothing caught people’s attention like the boxy white player. For the next two and half years there wasn’t a single contender that threatened to steal victory from the iPod. By early 2004, Apple had 92% of the digital audio player market, according to NPD Group. That year, competitors finally launched a barrage of products that were supposed to kill off the iPod: They boasted as much memory as Apple's machines, sold for less and offered more bells and whistles..
Actually it's pretty weird that the Apple is still so popular. There are many players that offer more features for a lower price. But there's one major thing they don't have: the huge coolness factor of the iPod.

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