Four technologies that will boost notebook battery life

Posted on Thursday, October 26 2006 @ 13:02 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
HKEPC talks about four new technologies that will give notebooks a longer battery life:
Recently an independent research study, which aims to give a better understanding on laptop purchase process, usage and satisfaction, shows that battery life ranked no. 1 for existing users. That’s the desire of improvements with current laptop. Therefore, Intel is going to implement 4 power saving technologies into Centrino platform in 2007, providing a up to 1.5W power save.

Kamal Shah, manager, Mobility Enabling Initiative, Mobile Platforms Group, said there will be more D2PO enabled panel available in 2007. D2PO is a technology that enables dynamic seamless switching based on motion detection. At high motion, 60Hz Progressive mode is trigged, while at static or low motion, 60Hz interlace mode is used. This technology would give around 200mW to 400mW power save. More details over here.

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