Friday News part 2

Posted on Friday, May 16 2003 @ 12:27 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Gigabyte Maya R9000 and R9000 Pro
Generally speaking, the R9000 Pro is slightly faster than Nvidia's latest offering, GeForce FX5200. However, FX5200 comes out on top if FSAA is used, due to its way of handling FSAA, i.e. lower image quality than the R9000. Things will get real interesting when DX9 games hit the market, as R9000 series does not have DX9 support. Review Link : OCNZ

Innovatek Innovaset 2 Water Cooling Review
Many overclockers will appreciate the hurtles of air cooling after a while and realize that it's time to take their overclocking to the next level, water cooling. Physically, water can hold more heat than any other metals. The only fan required is a quiet radiator fan. Trading the traditional loud noise and inept processor temperatures for a water cooling setup is most ideal. The only visible downsides are the little maintenance procedures and important of all else, cost
Review Link : WinHQ

Samsung SM-352B CDRW/DVD Combo Drive Review
There is no shortage of read formats when it comes to the SM-352B. The drive specs that are listed on the box and from Nero clearly state that this drive will essentially read all media other than DVD+R/+RW. I was able to test this as I still had some of the media that I’d used from the Plextor PX-504A DVD burner review and I’m happy to say that I was able to read the DVD+R disk that we had made during our testing. Of course your mileage will vary as this is not an official supported format.

Review Link : MonkeyReview

Shuttle SN41G2 XPC Mini Barebone Reviewed
By now when you hear the word Shuttle, one thing that you can be sure, a company that has been well-known for it's line of mini barebone system or also known as the XPCs. From our initial review on the SB52G2 XPC, we are really impressed with the performance packed in a miniature system for as long as I've been very skeptical about small PCs, which tend to performed poorly.
Review Link : myWorld Hardware

Extreme P4 Air Cooling
Leave it to the heavy hitters of air-cooling, Swiftech and Thermalright, both known for the extreme quality of their respective coolers and being rated #1 & #2 (depends on who does the rating) in the world when it comes to the cooling ability of their products, to deliver the first two coolers designed to use 92 mm fans

Link : Systemcooling

Connect a 240x128 LCD to a LPT-port
When you decide to install PowerLCD, please take good note to the instructions of the programmers, since for Windows '98 and higher Operation Systems you'll need for example the extra program DLportI/O, in order to get direct hardware access to the LPT port
Link : Viper's Lair

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