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Posted on Tuesday, May 20 2003 @ 13:18 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

OCAddiction Reviews and Mods the Maxtop CSX-7788KEB-Win Case
So in the land of Pre-Modded cases, what makes this Maxtop 7788 case any different from all the others you see listed on the web or at your local PC Store? Well for one as you will see later in the review is the time taken to mod this case. The blow/suck holes are cut perfectly and with out any dangerous edges. The Paint Job is good, and the quality of the window and how it was secured in the case makes this one stand out just a little more than others in the same price range

Review Link : OCAddiction

Antec True Control 550W PSU
With all the attention on CPUs, motherboards, video cards and even mice, it's easy to sometimes forget that the power supply is probably one of the most important items to consider when preparing for a system overhaul. "350W PSUs are the bare minimum I would even consider these days, with 400W+ being more the recommended. There isn't such a thing as too much power though, and power users pushing their PCs even harder, I suspect 500-550W PSUs are going to be the norm by 2004."
Review Link : Viper's Lair

Antec Cobra Cables
Over the years I have seen many custom cables. The most popular being the rounded cables with wire mesh. Even my main computer system I use on a daily basis is equipped with high quality shielded cables with wire mesh protection. These type of aircraft standard cables may be overkill for a personal computer, but they sure look nice through a window mod. Plus, knowing in the back of my mind that the last thing to ever go wrong with my PC is the cables gives me extra confidence in the reliability of my system. But just when you think that the rounded cable craze was over and the best cables have already been built, Antec comes along with a new cable that makes every other rounded cable obsolete. Antec calls their new cables "Cobra Cables" which fits very nicely due to the cables actually resembling the skin of a snake. Check it out!
Review Link : ClubOC

Eumax B605-01 Nickel Plated Copper HSF Review
When you think of heatsinks you may have Thermaltake, Thermalright and Alpha in mind. However those heatsinks are sometimes too expensive for people who want a good price. Some people think you get what you pay for but what would the Eumax B605-01 HSF be like for only $8? Let’s take a look and find out.
Review Link : Modsynergy

Cooler Master EAK-US1 Aluminum Keyboard
As the first aluminum case was delivered, enthusiast’s world-wide began to clamor for an aluminum keyboard, in forum after forum. Today, we are proud to share with you the “Cooler Master EAK-US1 Aluminum USB Keyboard"

Review Link : Systemcooling

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