10 Reasons to Buy a DSLR Camera

Posted on Tuesday, November 07 2006 @ 5:10 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
One of the most common questions I get as related to photography is “What camera should I buy?” Before I get into the reasons I recommend buying a DSLR, I’d like to state why you should NOT buy a DSLR. There is a saying among photographers: “The camera doesn’t make the photo, the photographer does.” Professional equipment means nothing without someone who knows how to properly use it to its fullest. I urge you not to buy that Canon EOS 20D or Nikon D80 or [insert other DSLR model here] if you plan to leave it on full automatic mode. DSLRs are expensive light-capturing tools that can help you create some amazing images, but only if you have the time and patience to learn what you are doing and be creative. With my public service announcement out of the way, I present to you: 10 reasons to buy a DSLR Camera.

You can read it at The Tech Lounge.

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