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Posted on Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 10:50 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

SEAGATE Barracuda V ATA 120GB Hard-drive
This is a very good, high-performing hard-drive. When I think Seagate, I think stability, reliability, performance and I think quiet. This hard-drive is extremely quiet, and it's a joy to have for a silent system; the other hard-drives are quite more noisy when compared to the Barracuda V, which gives it a very definite sound advantage on its competitors
Review Link : Gamershell

Corsair PC3500 XMS Memory
Since 1994, Corsair has been producing some of the best memory on the market. They constantly push the envelope with faster, more stable memory. Today, they have sent us their fastest DDR memory, a 512 meg stick of PC3500. "PC3500? Isn't PC3200 400 MHz, which is the fastest motherboards and processors support?" you ask. Why yes, PC3200 is the fastest that is supported by stock motherboards and processors. Then what is PC3500? PC3500 is overclocked PC3200. Corsair has OC'ed the PC3200 from 400 MHz to 434 MHz. Corsair has put it through vigorous tests to ensure the stability of this memory before ever considering putting it on the market.

Review Link : The Tech Lounge

Comta CAD Workstation
Well, overall this desk isn’t half that bad. It’s not too big but not to small. I like the color of the light brown (called Beech) and the gray trim. I feel the style of the desk makes it appealing to the eyes. The desk came with a good amount of included accessories, that I thought wasn’t that bad for the size of the desk. This desk was designed for CAD workstation and well it sure is made for it. It would also make a great working desk for doing your homework on

Link : Geekshelter

Contest @ Tech-Mods.net
Tech-Mods is having its very first contest. Don't miss out! Enter to win the prizes below."

1st Prize- Dremel MultiPro 395 & Sunbeam Round CCFL
2nd Prize- Sunbeam Round CCFL & 80mm Stainless Fan Grill
3rd Prize- Vantec 80mm UV Fan
4th Prize- Mouse Bungee

Link : Tech-Mods

Contest ends soon at CaseModGod.com
Less than one week remains in our super easy to enter contest. To celebrate the re-opening of our new forums we have assembled a really nice prize package that we are giving away to one lucky winner. We gathered up every review item that hadn't already been given away or used in a project and then threw in an official CaseModGod.com "got mods?" T-shirt to make this our sites biggest and best contest offering yet

Link : CMG

Chenming Silver 301KE Mid-Tower Case Review
The Chenming 301KE Mid-Tower Case uses a feature made popular with the Antec and Chieftec series cases by incorporating a removable drive cage. Removing the internal drive cage is completed by adjusting a metal locking clip in the locked and unlocked position. Once unlocked, all that remains is removing the drive cage by pulling straight back and mounting a hard drive
Review Link : MTB

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