Top 500 Supercomputers features 113 AMD based systems

Posted on Wednesday, November 15 2006 @ 4:08 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The 28th edition of the Top500 Supercomputers list has been unveiled this week.
A total of 261 systems (52.2 %) are now using Intel processors, down from 333 (66.6 %) one year ago. The AMD Opteron family passed the IBM Power processors and is now the second most common processor family with 113 systems (22.6 %, up from 55 system (11 %) one year ago), a double to the previous year. Ninety-three systems (18.6 %) use IBM Power processors, up from 73 systems (14.6 %) one year ago. Dual core processors are becoming widespread. Already, 75 systems use Opteron dual core processors and an impressive 31 systems use the new Intel Woodcrest dual core chips. Gigabit Ethernet is still the most used internal system interconnect technology (211 %, down from 256 six month ago).
More info at HKEPC.

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