Thursday News part 2

Posted on Thursday, May 29 2003 @ 6:22 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

GeForce FX 5200 Double Card Reviewed
NVIDIA has been very well-known for it's line of GeForce graphic cards since it was announced back to somewhere around the year 1998 to occupy the high-end 3D class performance area. However, since it's tailored and engineered for enthusiasts consumers alike, it doesn't come in cheap price tag. Later on, with the announcement of the 2nd generation of GeForce series or better known as GeForce 2, NVIDIA has concurrently released the first ever MX series for the budget-minded consumers, particularly gamers in mind. It was the most successful product for it's time..
Review Link : myWorld Hardware

Zalman ZM80A-HP Video Card Cooler
Personally, I am a stickler for noise and prefer to have only the quietest cooling components in my rig. For some, this means watercooling. For others, a high performance heatsink with a low RPM fan will do the trick. Case cooling can be taken care of via some low noise / low RPM case fans. But what about other components inside your system which may require active cooling, such as the video card? The video card is another component which enthusiasts love to squeeze more power out of. While there are a few aftermarket cooling solutions for your video card, the choices could most likely be counted on one hand. Zalman, a company that is well known for making 'silent pc' gear, has stepped up and created their own "silent" video card cooler, the ZM80A-HP VGA Cooler. Join along as we give this fanless cooler an in-depth look right here at OCIA.

Review Link : OCIA

Revoltec Laser LEDs im Test
Eine schöne Beleuchtung rückt das Gehäuse erst richtig ins Licht. Statt der normalen Standard-LEDs greifen die meisten Modder nun auf Laser-LEDs zurück, die nicht nur kräftiger und heller leuchten, sondern auch eine längere Lebensdauer haben sollen. Da es zur Zeit noch nicht so viel Auswahl in Punkto Hersteller gibt, hat „Revoltec“ nun eine Laser-Reihe veröffentlicht, die es in fünf verschiedenen Varianten gibt. Wir haben die kleinen Powerlampen unter die Lupe genommen und die Details in einem Bericht zusammengefasst. Ob sich die LEDs der nächsten Generation lohnen, erfahren Sie hier.

Review Link : PCDaily (German)

DFI Lan Party Intel (Canterwood) PRO875 Motherboard Review
The DFI Lan Party motherboard is fast, stable, overclocker friendly and loaded with goodies, options and extras..
Review Link : 3dXtreme

Thermaltake SubZero4G heatsink
Our intrepid test engineer braving all wearing suitable protective clothing and special heat resistant gloves had no trouble installing the Thermaltake SubZero4G system. We just followed the easy instructions in the very comprehensive manual with the Thermaltake SubZero4G
Review Link : A1 Electronics

Triplex Eye Bomb R9500 Pro 128MB VGA
The Triplex R9500Pro is around 5~10% faster than your average Ti-4800SE(Ti-4400 8X). The lead could go up to around 40% when FSAA is enabled. This shows that the R9500Pro has a more efficient FSAA than the one-year-old GF4 Ti. If you were not too concerned with the image quality, then you may want to look for an ultra cheap GF4 Ti-4200 to save some cash
Review Link : OCNZ

ABIT NF7-S V2.0 Review
With the BIOS corruption issue finally under control, the NF7-S is a dream to overclock. Gone are the days of nail biting while trying to tweak every last bit of performance from the nForce2. While in the benchmarks we were shooting for overall performance of the board/memory/cpu configuration, if you take the memory and CPU out of the equation (relax the timings on the memory, and drop the multiplier on the CPU), the FSB that the V2 NF7-S can achieve is astounding. When the CPU and memory are taken out, we hit the magical 250 FSB

Review Link : OCA

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