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Posted on Monday, June 09 2003 @ 16:49 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Steelpad 4S
Yes, the first mousepad review at ASE Labs. These are really expensive for mousepads! Is it worth the cost? You'll need to read to find out

Review Link : Ase Labs

Spidey Custom Chassis Review
The window kit that comes pre-installed in the case is very nice. It has a blue tint to it, I was told that it was ultra violet reactive but I really can't see how it is. I mean sure the corners of it light up when you have a UV on it but the window itself really doesn't do it much. They provide you with a blue led fan (2 leds are in the fan, it's not too bright but you can see them fine, they add a gorgeous touch to an already kickin chassis) and a custom cut spidey fan grill. The grill is almost a mimic design of the window itself so it's like looking at a resized version of the window all in front of a lighted clear fan!

Review Link : TwistedMods

Samsung LTM295W 29" LCD Monitor/TV review
The contrast ratio of 600:1 is amazing, and takes the cake for being the highest I’ve seen to date here with the site. I was pleased to see a more than acceptable brightness level of 450cd/m2. The response time isn’t anything to snuff at, standing at 22ms. For viewing angles everyone should be pleased with 170/170 (W&H). The last mention is the pixel pitch which sits at .4935(h) X .4935(w). The optimal resolution while in PC use is 1024 x 768 @ 75Hz although the maximum is 1280 x 768 @ 75Hz.

Review Link : MonkeyReview

Via Epia m9000 Mini ITX motherboard
This review is going to be really intresting since its my first Mini motherboard review. And thanx to Via I get a rocking board on top of it. I´ve read tons of review on this board and they all are good so we are going to see what we have to say about this. 17*17 cm says it all. This motherboard would work to mod into a car or a htpc or whatever your imagination says Let's get this going....

Review Link : R&B Mods

Dell Ultrasharp 1800FP LCD
We usually associate DELL with computers. Those in the market for a high quality LCD display typically will look at respectable manufacturers like Samsung, Sony & Planar. Yes, you can purchase any of these name brand LCD's on the DELL website but they also manufacture their own line of displays. They were not quite as popular though until the release of their Ultrasharp series LCD's. These have gotten quite a bit of attention lately and are some of the top selling LCD's in the market. But how good are they? We will take a look at one of their most popular in the series, the DELL Ultrasharp 1800FP. The 1800FP is an 18.1" display with an attractive slim bezel design

Review Link : ExtremeMHz

Via has been pushing their EPIA series of motherboards out onto the market and are getting a tremendous response. The motherboard, as you will see further on in this review, is so small that with some ingenuity, it can be pretty well be inserted or incorporated into anything slightly larger than itself to make a unique one-of-a-kind PC. So, grab your toaster/gas-can/toolbox/lunchbox/cat or anything you would like to make a computer out of because here comes the review of Via's latest EPIA Mini-itx offering, the m10000.

Review Link : TweakNews

What this RatpadzGS offers is a slicker surface to improve mouse accuracy. The large size of this pad also offers a wider surface than other ordinary mouse pads. In terms of comforts and ergonomics, a gel-pad is most likely still a better option

Review Link : The Hardware Reviewer

Thermaltake Volcano 11 Xaser Edition Heatsink Review
The underside of the heat sink is pure copper as is all of this product, it looks like a little bit of lapping was done to the metal during manufacture so you don't need to bother. The clip mechanism is adequate for a heat sink of this weight (476 grams) and once on wont be going anywhere . Thermaltake uses a clip that covers all 3 lugs on both sides of your CPU socket, this isn't a tooless design but using the right sized screwdriver in the slot it went on with no problems at all.
Review Link : Ascully

Arctic Silver Ceramique Review
The problem is that air does not conduct heat that well. Even with the mirror finish on the bottom of most of today’s modern heatsinks, there will still be some air between the source (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc) and the heatsink. This is where thermal grease, or more accurately, thermal compounds, come into play. When you ask someone about thermal compounds, they'll all mention a few names such as; Antec Reference Silver, Nanotherm XTC, and most often, Arctic Silver 3

Review Link : GruntVillE

JetAudio CW300 MP3 Player
MP3, the audio format that has been the bane of artists and recording industry executives since its development, is now so widely used that the term itself has become synonymous with music. Its low file size and relatively high audio quality has, more or less, turned the MP3 into the next evolution in music storage within the span of a few years. Since its inception, computer giants, (most notably Apple and Creative) have tried to capitalize on the MP3's immense popularity by offering "MP3 Players," devices that offer all the benefits of conventional CD players, but do not require discs, do not have the potential for skipping during playback and have a longer battery life to boot. The latest device to hit the market is JetAudio's iAudio CW300.

Review Link : AhtlonXP

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