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Posted on Friday, June 13 2003 @ 17:42 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Albatron KM18G Pro M-ATX nforce2 motherboard review
The KM18G runs off of the nForce 2 IGP Northbridge and the MCP Southbridge. Although we’ve checked out the nForce 2 SPP (System Platform Processor), this is our first experience with the IGP version which sports integrated graphics with allocation of up to 128MB of system memory. The integrated graphics comes to us via the Geforce 4 MX (NV17) core which runs at 250 MHz. Although this won’t be a selling point for those of us using ATI radeon 9000+ cards or Ti / FX based cards, it will appeal to someone looking for a system with solid integrated graphics for an office system or even to play the most recent games only with toned down settings.

Review Link : MonkeyReview

PCToys Neon Maxx Black Light Accent Paints
A couple of ideas that we have considered outside of our rig are our speaker grills on subwoofers in a car, various items on our desk, Mardi Gras beads, and anything you want to highlight or accent

Review Link : PimpRig

LINDY (KVM) Smart Switch
PC's are getting cheaper! Multiple PC's under the desk are becoming more common, especially with the competiton of all the distributed computing projects around. With so much processing power it is unlikly that most people have room for multiple keyboards, mice and monitors. In order to control multiple PC's from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse a device called a KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse)is required. Every multi-pc person I know has a KVM set up, myself included. I use 4 different KVM models daily. This review examines Lindy's CPU Switch Smart, a 2 port KVM switch with included cables aimed at the corporate crowd

Review Link : MHW

On June 8th, Hardware Avenue turned three years old and in celebration, we are holding a small giveaway. Readers from anywhere in the world will be in the running for one Nvidia GeforceFX 5600 (first prize), and two FX 5200's (second and third prize). Contestants simply have a small survey to fill out, asking their opinions on the videocard market.
Link : Hardavenue

Samsung ML-2150 Laser Printer Review
The features such as 21ppm, and the onboard 16MB of ram, is quite commendable. For any environment, that should prove to be more than enough. Also, should you feel compelled to do so, you can expand the memory all the way up to 144MB, which in my opinion is much more than any printer will probably need. Being compatible with every version of Microsoft Windows to date, along with various Linux OS, Mac OS (8.6 and greater), SUN Solaris, HP-UX, and SCO, is also a very promising asset

Review Link : E-T

BenQ FP781 17" LCD Review
Being a PC Technician for many years now, I've seen a lot of monitors. CRT's, Flat screen CRT's, LCD's, including a lot of 14" crappy old 800x600 monitors that you wouldn't give your Grandma. So on that note, today I'll be reviewing a BenQ 17" LCD for your reading pleasure. Continue on as I put this LCD through the paces...

Review Link : E-T

Enermax EG465P-VE
More power is always better, right? Not always. The quality of your power is very important. I would much rather have a good quality, Enermax 350w power supply than a generic 450w any day. Good clean power means a better running computer. With a good quality power supply you get a more consistent flow of power with much less fluctuation.
Review Link : ClubOC

Thermaltake's Fireball Fan
Case modders have been using led fans and cold cathode light for awhile now and it's hard to find anything new to add to a computer case lately. Thermaltake though has come up with something new with their Fireball Fan Which includes on top of the standard tri color led fan a Double-side EL illuminating grill!

Review Link : TechTastic

Xoxide X-Dreamer *Limited Edition*
I must say, this is one nice looking pre-modded case for this price point. The side panel window is pretty large and provides a very nice view of the insides and the included thumbscrews for both side panels make for easy entry into the case

Review Link : the ModFathers

ZALMAN Multi Fan Speed Controller
Hallo, optisch macht die Lüftersteuerung, die wir euch Heute vorstellen wollen, einen sehr positiven Eindruck. Sie verfügt über vier Potis die auf jedem Kanal bis zu 7 Watt regeln können. Außerdem über zwei Schalter, die drei Schalterstellungen ermöglichen (Aus,12V,5V). Alles weitere steht in unserem Test.

Review Link : Caseumbau (German)

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