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Posted on Friday, June 13 2003 @ 20:01 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Although contained within a small package, this compact home theater system performs. Bringing a 500 watts of audio power and 5 disc DVD/CD capability to a livingroom for around US$260 is nothing less than a bargain. When compared to what it replaces, an equivalent separate component system would cost two to three times more. It's a great system that you can have up and running in 15 minutes which at the same time will leave a considerable amount of cash in your pocket.

Review Link : TweakNews

Cooler Master Aero 7+ CPU Cooler Review
The theory behind using a blower instead of a traditional axial fan is that a blower doesn't suffer from a "dead zone" at the center of the fan. Since an axial fan is centered on the heatsink, the "dead zone" is a vital area which generates the most heat. By incorporating a blower, the hottest part of the heatsink gets the air flow required for proper cooling. Additionally, a blower will typically deliver more static pressure compared to an equivalently sized axial fan

Review Link : MTB

Sunbeam Rheobus
Tonite I'm going to review the first Sunbeam product that rbmods got and more will come since there is alot waiting to be reviewed. Tonite we are having a look at the Sunbeam Rheobus which you probably are pretty familiar with at this point because alot of sites have already reviewed it, and it's been on the modding market for awhile. Lets get rocking then...

Review Link : R&B Mods

Speeze Harddrive cooler
HD coolers yes I reviewed one from Coolermaster awhile back but today we are going to have a look at one from Speeze. It comes with temp display and 2 fan speed controllers. Looks like a pretty good gadget to have maybe ??!! It fits in a standard 5.2 drive bay.

Review Link : R&B Mods

The Madshrimps pair up a couple of Maxtor DiamondMax 9 Plus to find out which configuration gives the most speed increase over a none-raid setup!
How does a 2mb cache harddisk compare to its bigger 8mb cache brother? We test them in different RAID setups, using real word benchmarks to show you the actual difference!

Review Link : Madshrimps

Interview with Dave Brown
If you don't already know, Dave Brown has been making and selling small kits that make being a dork more convenient. His first kit, the heatsink lapping kit, was a huge hit, and now he is working on some more products. Check out our review of his heatsink lapping kit here. Just recently Dave informed me that he has come up with another product, the wire management kit. This is another kit aimed towards the lazy geeks but like the lapping kit, this one is full of goodies that are impossible to find at local shops. He offers a Basic and Deluxe kit...
Link : The Tech Lounge

Vantec UV LED Fans Review
This product will add an enormous amount of color to any case and currently they are available in five different colors; Blue/Green, Blue, Orange, Green/Orange and Green. Thankfully each fan has a long 3 pin plastic coated cable and a 3 to 4 pin adapter which makes finding a connection easy. The only thing that's missing is a grill. It's time to ditch those boring black fans. The Watch the Video to find out more...
Review Link : 3dGameMan

Forum Sig design Contest
The author of the sig I pick will have their choice of prizes; they will receive a Thermalright SLK-800 heatsink with a bling bling blue and green UV reactive 80mm fan with 3 UV LED's installed, or a DangerDen Maze2 waterblock. I will run this for 2 weeks to allow time for those who are graphically challenged to also be able to come up with something. Post your entry's in this thread and I will choose a winning sig at 6PM on Sunday, 22 June
Link : PimpRig

Matrix Orbital GPO Guide
General Purpose Outputs “GPO” are found on a lot of hardware. One of the more popular pieces of equipment to have them is Matrix Orbital’s line of LCD Displays. If you own, or plan to buy a Matrix Orbital LCD display, you’ve most likely been baffled by these little pins. It’s tempting to just go wild connecting wires every which place to try and figure these things out. Unfortunately that’s about the worst thing you could do. Many first time MO owners have damaged or even destroyed their displays by rushing in with both eyes shut. Today I’m going to walk you through a quick setup of the 12v GPO’s on an MX212. Hopefully this will be enough to get you safely started on your own crazy tangents of how to use this extremely versatile feature

Link : GruntVillE

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