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Posted on Monday, June 16 2003 @ 15:52 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Antec Sonata Super Mini Tower
We normally don’t review many cases constructed of steel, but as you’ll see the Antec Sonata is one very special case for many reasons. With the front bezel constructed of plastic, to its outer shell of steel with its jet black, highly reflective automotive finish the Antec Sonata’s superior quality is a pleasure to behold!
Review Link : Systemcooling

PlexWriter Premium 52x CD-R/W Drive
If your holding onto that antique 24x or slower CD-R/W drive because "I just don't see the need for anything faster" then wake up and smell the O-zone! CD-R/W drives are getting more than just faster, they are become feature-rich multimedia mastering technical havens. The PlexWriter Premium is no exception, and can easily set the standards by which all others are judged. Read for yourself and see what makes the PlexWriter Premium such an outstanding drive! "Plextor has gone full bore with their latest CD-R/W drive! They've included every bit of Compact Disc writing technology they have and even turned some software that was typically only available in Europe, into a standard issue item! Dubbed the PlexWriter Premium, this drive boasts their fastest write speeds coupled with the fastest read speed available today. That's 52x RECORD and READ and 32x RE-WRITE!"
Review Link : ClubOC

Plexi Cab und Noiseblocker 300W NT
Heute haben wir gleich zwei neue Sachen für euch. Einmal das Plexi Cab, eine Plexiglas Abdeckung für das Netzteil und das NB-300 Silent, was für den Umbau herhalten musste. Wie dieser Umbau aussieht und wie sich das Netzteil in der Praxis schlägt, lest ihr im folgenden Artikel.

Review Link : Caseumbau (German)

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 200 GB Hard Drive
We all know that when it comes to hard drives, size matters. With all this advancing technology, software, and media, you need some beefy storage to contain it. Maxtor's latest hard drive is the Diamond Plus 9, a 200 gigabyte 7200 RPM hard drive. If that isn't enough for you, I don't know what is. Not only does this drive have an extreme storage capacity, but it also has speed to back it up. Boasting a high cache buffer of 8 megabytes, a 9.4 ms average seek time and the new Fluid Dynamics Bearing Motor, this is one of the best ATA drives on the market.

Review Link : The Tech Lounge

MADLights Digitally Controlled LEDs Review
Quite a few additions have been made so that customers can add more features in the future without having to purchase a whole new system. After a brief discussion with Robert, it seems they also built in a fourth color channel and the ability to change the programming by swapping out the programming chip. You can really tell MADLights has its focus set squarely on the customer. The PCB seems to have room for a few potentiometers and a spare resistor or two which are probably there for the fourth color channel. Another nice touch that you can just make out in the pictures is the hook and loop fasteners that are provided to mount the units anywhere you may wish. The four smaller PCBs included are what we will be referring to as LED PODs. These hold the Red, Green, and Blue LED’s that allow the kit to display over one million color combinations! There are two types of LED PODs; two are double ended and two are single ended. Obviously, the single ended PODs are designed to be at the ends of the two cable runs.

Review Link : GruntVillE

Vantec ION 400 watt Power Supply (SATA ready) Video Review
This product is similar to their high-end Stealth series Power Supplies; however, it's more affordable. It has two fans that can be controlled via a switch and that switch has three setting; Low, Med and Auto. It also has two SATA cables, an AC outlet and all the power needed for most computer systems. The Watch the Video to find out more
Review Link : 3dGameMan

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