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Posted on Wednesday, July 02 2003 @ 12:56 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Abit NF7-S
Just a few months ago, NVIDIA pushed VIA aside as the performance leader of chipsets for the Athlon XP family of processors. NVIDIA’s first foray into the motherboard chipset world came with the original nForce. This chipset was no slouch, yet it did not bowl over the market very long as VIA quickly took back the performance crown with the release of the KT333. VIA not only matched NVIDIA in performance but they were able to add features unmatched by NVIDIA until the release of the nForce2 board last winter. Now the situation has changed as VIA has been unable to reach the bar set by the nForce2 for some months now

Review Link : AthlonXP

Xoxide X-Sonic Mid-Tower Case Review
Manufactured by Chenming, the X-Sonic is a relatively low-priced Mid-Tower ATX case that continues Xoxide's line of affordable aluminum cases. Gone are the days where the only aluminum cases were high-priced Lian-Li models; the market is now flooded with lower-priced aluminum computer housings that almost anyone can afford. But a downside to this is that there are many sub-par and low quality aluminum cases that you simply would not want your computer to be in. Does the X-Sonic unfortunately fit into this category, or is it worthy for your system?

Review Link : V-H

OCZ’s PC3200 series RAM
OCZ Technology market’s this stick of RAM as memory that’s “designed for users who want great performance at a lower price point.” At $79.00 for 512 Megs, on, it’s one of the cheapest PC3200 sticks out there. But how does it perform? We’ll be taking a look at that today, and we’ll find out soon enough.
Review Link : Riva3d

Samsung VoiceYepp VY-H200S 64MB
With each passing year, Samsung Electronics Corporation introduces wave after wave of really cool products designed to enhance our enjoyment of life. Known primarily for their LCD Displays and DDR RAM, Samsung also designs and manufactures a broad range of consumer electronics as well as portable digital audio players, known to some as Yepp. Today, we look at their VoiceYepp VY-H200S 64MB recorder. Digital sound recorder or MP3 player? Read on to find out!
Review Link : EnvyNews

Revoltec Special
Da uns freundlicherweise eine ganze Reihe von Produkten der Firma Revoltec zur Verfügung gestellt wurde haben wir gleich mehrere Tests zu einem Revoltec Special zusammengefasst. Wir haben für euch eine komplette Chipsatzkühlung, einen aktiven Festplattenkühler, eine edle Lüftersteuerung und LEDs zur Casebeleuchtung getest. Alles weitere erfahrt ihr hier im Bericht
Review Link : Caseumbau (German)

Thermaltake Xaser III V1000A
When you think of Thermaltake, the word "performance" comes to mind. Thermaltake deals mostly with cooling your computer, and has products that branch out into other fields but remain true to the original game plan. In the past, Thermaltake created the Xaser II series of cases, which offered additional style and functionality to the original Chenming cases. Now they have released the Xaser III, which is the next step in cool cases. Is this case really a unique performance case, or did they just modify another case and sell it as their own?

Review Link : The Tech Lounge

Thermaltake's Xview
Review Link : TechTastic

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