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Posted on Saturday, July 05 2003 @ 19:09 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
We are very proud to tell that we excist for one full year now! Thanks to you all for making us the site we are now, and we hope you all help to make us grow! You could for example help by telling all your friends about us Our by making a forum account and having some fun on our forum. Anyway here is the news of today :

Zalman Zm80ahp VGA cooler
I have a QUEST. That is to get my computer quiet and still be able to overclock. Is that possible? Yes with watercooling it is and im almost there now. But what do people that dont want watercooling do? Well they get Zalman products ofcourse! Today we are having a look at the Zm80ahp VGA cooler from them and its a fanless product which cools your video card. So how good is it? Keep reading and you will see...

Review Link : R&B Mods

EluminX Slim-Series Illuminated Keyboard Review
At this point there is not much that can be said about the EluminX Illuminated Keyboard that hasn't already been said. My first contact with this company was at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in May. I had a very fortunate opportunity to speak with the VP of the company. We spoke for a while and he was showing me some of the new models they plan in releasing soon. They have some great looking designs in mind including some new colors for the lighting, camouflage style keyboards, and you can look forward to some mouse designs. Today is not on one of these new designs, but we do have one of their kickin black keyboards with sapphire illumination

Review Link : Xtremods

Connect3D RADEON(tm) 9600 PRO
Core rate of 519.75 and memory rate of 337.5. This is with stock cooling in a stuffy little case. I recon with a bit of decent cooling this card could go a bit further. Even without this is one hell of an overclock

Review Link : The ModFathers

Compro Videomate TV Gold Plus (TV Tuner PCI Card) Reviewed
TV Video capturing cards are becoming increasingly popular in the market right now. They serve one purpose, that is to display and record TV shows right on your very own PC. From our initial review on Compro VideoMate TV, we are more than impressed enough with the product itself
Review Link : myWorld Hardware

ABIT NF7-M nForce 2 motherboard Give-Away
Link : Viper's Lair

Xoxide Bubble Lights
Most modders use CCFLs to light up their cases, but they hide the CCFLs out of direct sight. This is where the placement of these bubble lights is critical. They do no emit a lot of light, but they look cool. So you would want them in a location where you can see the bubbles lights, but not the ends and wires. The preferred location would be to place them directly behind a window for full visibility. I had difficulty placing these lights in my case. I did not want the ends or wires to show through a window, but all my windows were too large. I wanted to install them so I could get some pics, so I decided to put these lights in the bezel door of my Antec DeceptiMod case. I removed the Velcro tape and stuck them to the inside of the bezel. I used a little black wire wrap to hide the wires and ran them through one of my 3.5in bays. Turn your PCs power on, flick the switch, and YeeHaww, you should be glowing bubbles

Review Link : GruntVillE

Vantec Ion 400 Watt PSU Review
A sometimes forgotten part to keeping a stable system is the power supply. Cheap cases almost always come with cheap power supplies. From what I've seen in my years of PC repair, a cheap PSU doesn't handle the need for power in today's demanding systems well. Sure, you may get away with running your old system on a cheap 300 watt PSU, but keep adding hard drives, CCFL's, Fans, and so on, and you'll probably run into problems one way or another. Continue on, as I look at the new Vantec Ion SATA ready 400 watt PSU...

Review Link : E-T

X-Pider Aluminum Case Review
If you have ever worked with these style cases, then you know what a pleasure it is to install/maintain/upgrade hardware. There is plenty of room to move around, and there are no sharp edges what so ever. There is plenty of room behind the 3½" drive racks to 'hide' most of your wiring. Mounting the motherboard to the case is done by using the brass standoffs in the array of marked motherboard mounting holes. Installing the drives is a snap as well with the removable 3½" drive racks, and the 5¼" drive rail system.

Review Link : OCA

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