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Posted on Sunday, July 06 2003 @ 18:55 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Yeong Yang YY-0221
Yeong Yang has been around since 1978, and having gained experience in metal pressed production, they started into the PC case/chassis manufacturing business in 1990; thus, they have over 12-13 years of experience in making their own cases, quite a bit in the computer industry. It's safe to say that they know a thing or two about what users need in a case. Today, I'll be looking at one of their older case models, the YY-0221, better known as the "Cube Server Case"... Despite the fact that the YY-0221 may not be readily available over here, that should not exclude it from scrutiny. Does this short and stocky case fit the build for a case worthy of your attention, or should it not be bothered with? I'll try to touch on the major points concerning this question

Review Link : V-H

irock! 730i Digital Audio Player
The irock! 730i has some features that set it aside from other digital audio players. Besides the ability to play MP3i files, this player has a built-in microphone that can be used to digitally record audio. Such a feature could come in handy for recording a teacher/friend's voice, or even personal messages
Review Link : Unique HW

Blackline Netzteil 370Watt
Viele Modder sind ständig bestrebt alle Lärmquellen im Rechner auszuschalten und ein möglichst leises System zu schaffen, das trotzdem ordentlich Leistung bringt. Neben vielen anderen nervigen Lüftern sind Netzteile zuweilen echte Störenfriede. Viele Hersteller haben daher reagiert und angeblich flüsterleise 'Silent'-Netzteile auf den Markt gebracht, doch längst nicht alle Geräte halten das Versprochene. Heute habe ich daher ein Netzteil der von be quiet! getestet - wollen wir doch mal sehen, ob es den Anforderungen meiner verwöhnten Ohren gerecht wird!

Review Link : Caseumbau (German)

MSI FX 5900 Ultra VTD256
Wir freuen uns euch schon wieder einen neuen Grafikkartentest präsentieren zu können. Unser jetziger Test beschäftigt sich mit der MSI FX 5900 Ultra VTD256 auf Basis des aktuellen GeForce FX 5900 Ultra Grafikchips. Sie wurde mit drei Grafikkarten verglichen, darunter die Radeon 9800 Pro von Hercules, die TerraTec GeForce FX 5800 Ultra und einer GeForce 4 Ti 4600 Ultra von Leadtek. Wie sich die neue Grafikkarte geschlagen hat erfahrt Ihr in unserem Review
Review Link : 3dChip (German)

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 200GB Hard Drive
The hard drive arrives like a 'kit', with the inclusion of the 5.25" mounting brackets, mounting screws and a ATA interface cable. This is a great bonus, as you will not be hunting around for screws or a cable and can get straight in to installing the hard drive into your computer

Review Link : Modtown

CoolerMaster CoolDrive 3
You will also notice the screws that come in a nice and neat zip lock bag. I like that. I hate opening those heat sealed bags that send screws flying as you tear them open. Don't give me that look, you know 90% of the people out there tear them with their teeth like I do

Review Link : OCIA

4x20 Blau auf Blau LCD
Wir haben heute für euch einen echten Knaller im Test. Meiner Meinung nach einer der coolsten Display überhaupt. Das 20x4 Zeilen Blau auf Blau LCD Display für euch im Test. Normale Displays sind Standardmäßig grün mit schwarzer Schrift, dieses ist aber mit Dunkelblauer Schrift auf Blauem Hintergrund. Einfach genial. Was das Display alles kann und wie es im Betrieb aussieht könnt ihr bei uns im Test nachlesen.

Review Link : Moddinggods (German)

Directron Shakeproof Grommet/Washer & VH Acrylic Fan Grills Review
I would highly recommend the PSU washer/grommet to anybody, because once you get it in there, it ain't coming back out, and they are reusable so you get a new PSU, you don't have to buy a new one, you just swap them out. The fan washer/grommet is really only necessary if you have a bigger fan, In my 3 years of case modding I've only had 1 fan that rattled and it was a 120mm 210cfm beast mounted to my Watercooling radiator. But they don't hurt anything, and if your super anal about noise in your case, 5 bucks a piece isnt too hard to come up with for something that will last forever. As far as the VH acrylic fan grills go, I would recommend those to everybody, and as soon as they start making deferent sized, im going to change all my metal fan grills out with acrylic ones. They look pimptacular with LED fans, and you can splatter UV paint on them and get a sweet effect with some UV CCFL's

Review Link : V-H

External Modded Desktop PSU Battle Posted
This battle is based on our recent Test PSU guide, in it we show how to turn an old PSU into an external independent modders test PSU. The idea came to me that it could be very useful having a desktop PSU, I already have a few mods done to my desk and they look cool, but being able to wrap my entire desk in glo-wire or illuminating the underside of my monitor with a Lazer LED and powering it all with the original molex connectors intact was my inspiration... for a mod battle.

Review Link : CMG

Thermaltake SubZero4G Thermo-Electric Cooling
Quiet – the absence of noise. There is a new force gaining momentum in the PC industry, driven by consumers interested in quiet cooling solutions. Today we are reviewing a high-tech solution from Thermaltake designed to offer excellent cooling capabilities while operating at low noise levels. The SubZero4G is a smart system that incorporates a dynamically controlled thermo-electric cooling unit. The complete kit includes a PCI card based power supply with integral microprocessor and one variable speed 80 mm case fan. What is really unique about this system is that it uses an imbedded microprocessor controller to regulate CPU temperature and minimize fan noise

Review Link : Systemcooling

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