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Posted on Monday, July 07 2003 @ 19:41 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

EuMax Transfer Panel
This is the "Multifunction Transfer Panel" made by EuMax. What does that mean you ask? Well, it means it has a temperature display with 3 temperature probes, all your audio/USB/Firewire connections, hard drive cooler, and an alarm that will sound if your CPU fan fails all in one neat little package

Review Link : Tech-Mods

Since 1992, Coolermaster has built up quite a reputation as one of the industry's best manufacturer of cooling solutions. Over the years, Coolermaster's product lines have expanded from processor cooling solutions into a massive selection which includes products such as computer enclosures, cables, fans, and hard drive coolers. Today, we will be looking at their answer to what may be one of the most cooling neglected components in the PC - the Cooldrive3

Review Link : PCA

Steelpad 4S mousing surface
Gamers - always looking for a technological edge, be it a better video card, CPU, or motherboard. When was the last time you thought about your mouse pad? The average user is likely still using their free cloth pad they got with their computer purchase. Wanna get serious with an advanced mouse pad? Ever thought it would be made out cold and unforgiving steel? Chose the ultimate symbol of a true warrior; the Steelpad 4S.

Review Link : EnvyNews

iAUDIO CW300 256MB MP3 Player
CW300 is rated by COWON of 30 hours playback time. I was pleased to see the small player was capable of such great playback times. If you are a little bit conservative and listen no more than 4 to 5 hours a day, the CW300 can hold up to a whole week or even more, depending on the listening volume and many other settings

Review Link : TechConnect

Vantec Nexus Multi-Fan Controller (fits in 3.5" drive bay) Video Review
This particular model of Nexus Multi-Fan Controller fits in a 3.5" drive bay and for many that's a great plus if all your 5.25" drive bays are full. Remember that Vantec has a 5.25" model as well (NXP-201). It can control the speed of 4 fans and can handle up to 18 watts per channel. Watch the Video to find out more
Review Link : 3dGameMan

Aerocool AERO-S202 Gehäuse
PC Gehäuse werden immer bunter und ausgefallener. Mittlerweile bekommt man sogar "Pre-Modded" Gehäuse, die von Werk aus schon gemoddet sind und man nicht selber Hand anlegen muss. Aus der Hülle und Fülle, die es zu kaufen gibt, braucht der Kunde sich nur das aussuchen, was ihm am Besten gefällt und kann dies dann noch zusätzlich mit anderen Modding-Dingen nachrüsten. Aerocool stellt genau so ein "Pre-Modded" Gehäuse mit dem Namen AERO-S202 her. Der taiwanesische Hersteller stellt nicht nur Kühler, wie den DeepImpact her, den wir bereits im Test hatten, sondern auch, genauso, wie Coolermaster Gehäuse. Das AERO-S202 kommt ganz in schwarz mit Sichtfenster und Acryl-Front, blauen "Lichtsäulen" und einem farbigem Lüfter daher. Was das Gehäuse sonst noch zu bieten hat, wollen wir in diesem Test zeigen

Review Link : MHzPower (German)

scoop on the new AMD Athlon FX processor
Has anyone heard of the new AMD Athlon FX? No? That wouldn't be surprising since I have never heard of it until now! Athlon FX is apparently going to be AMD's official name for the new Athlon XP Thorton core
Link : Rojakpot

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 80gb Hard Drive Review
If you’re a gamer or a speed enthusiast, then this is the drive for you. If you’re not willing to spend the extra money for the newer Serial ATA technology or highly expensive SCSI drives, then I recommend considering this drive. It performed well in every benchmark and I even noticed a speed increase in program load times when I upgraded from my old drive to this one. Maxtor really has made a superior product here and I can’t wait to test more of their products. Nice job Maxtor!

Review Link : TwistedMods

Leadtek A310 MyVIVO FX5600
The FX5600 is hard card to place. Leadtek bundles a bunch of good stuff and packs it with VIVO features. Is this good enough for your hard earned cash? Read on to find out

Review Link : ASE Labs

Vantec UV fan Review
Eye candy for your compute can come in various styles. Today I am looking at ultra violet fans from Vantec. These fans come in four colors and have a great look with or without a UV cold cathode lit up! Want to spice up that computer of yours? If you have a window and some lighting these would really make that machine look tight! So come on in and check out what I thought of these fans. Let the GLOW begin

Review Link : FuriousTech

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