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Posted on Tuesday, July 08 2003 @ 5:34 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Global WIN 520 watt super silent power supply
We are stuck for words. The Global WIN 520w works and works well for us. And yes, it is silent in use. You do not buy a power supply every day so you want to buy one that is top quality and has power to spare for the future. The Global WIN 520w has just that. Capable of pushing out a peak load of 620 watts and all day long running at 520 watts loading you have a super power supply for years to come
Review Link : A1 Electronics

nForce 3 Pro Performance Exclusive: Asus SK8N with Opteorn 242 & 244 vs Athlon XP 3200+ and P4 3.2GHz
So what we have with the nForce 3 Professional 150 is an impressive workstation chipset that takes advantages of the Opteron features, and leaves us eager to see the 250 version, and whether more performance can be had by driver or chipset updates. With the SK8N we see another excellent board from Asus that feature-wise stacks up to the P4C800 featurewise. The only questions are whether Asus will release bios updates with more tweaking and configuration options, if the shipping version 1.03 board has better performance, and what the pricing will be. We feel the SK8N will come in near the P4C800 which is currently priced at just under $200 as it is a single chipset solution. The extra cost of a memory controller is now absorbed into the CPU. We hope to see more features in the bios, and improved performance.
Link : AMDZone

Hardware Price Index Updated
The Tech Zone Hardware Price Index is back and it's been updated for Tuesday, July. 8th. The Index keeps track of CPU, video, motherboard and RAM prices and reports the lowest online price back to you! No need to go searching the net for the best prices on your next piece of hardware! Check the full index here.
Link : The Tech Zone

PodPod-iPod Easel
With the new digital hub craze, mainly based around music and movies there has been a take off in inventions for many of these products. One product being the iPod, when Apple first introduced this product their goal was to leave it generalized in a way. Apple wanted to give developers a chance to better this product and twist it into there own. This was a great idea introducing many new products, such as FM transmitters, stands, and covers protecting the iPod from scratches and abrasions. The product recently obtained, mainly has a use of holding the pod for saving space and adding style to your iPod setup

Review Link : Geekshelter

GMC Noblesse SE Mid-Tower Case Review
The front door itself is the real eye candy of the case. Removing the protective plastic coating, you see the mirror finished panel. As the unit swings out, the color reflection changes from an electric blue, to a marine aqua, and then a royal purple. Any of these three colour schemes could easily be implemented during modification, via lighting, internal chassis painting, or supplemental LED fans

Review Link : MTB

PC Enthuiast Contest #2
Only one week left before you can enter our PC Enthiuast Contest #2. We are giving away three beautiful prizes to three lucky winners. Two different ways to win. Get a $20 gift certificate at 1COOLPC, a ERGO Keyboard or a new Danger Den 4 Waterblock. Come join our forums you may be glad you did!

Link : Comp-Shop

XFX GeforceFX 5600 Ultra contest
Today we're happy to announce a free giveaway for all Gamer's Hell readers, allowing you to get a brand new XFX GeforceFX 5600 Ultra, shipped straight to you The contest will begin on the 8th of July, for two weeks only, until the 22nd of July. The contest is open to all registered forum users. To enter, all you need to do is correctly answer the simple questions which can be found here and send us your answers. It's as simple as that, good luck
Link : Gamershell

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