Consumers intent to purchase Mac computers at highest point ever

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 26 2006 @ 02:16 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Personal computer purchase intent from consumers is at the highest level since July, Investor Business Daily reports. Especially Apple scores pretty well compared to previous polls.
As reported by InformationWeek, the IBD/TIPP Home Computer Purchase Outlook index, which uses a 0-100 scoring system to measure buyer intent, jumped 17 percent to 23 in December from November. Only July’s 23.4 had a higher mark in the last three years, Investor’s Business Daily said.

An associated random telephone poll of over 1,000 Americans said that 27 percent were planning to buy a new home computer in the next six months. That was up from November’s 22 percent. Although Dell (at 43 percent) and Hewlett-Packard (13 percent) were voted the top-two brands among likely buyers in December, Apple’s 12 percent was the highest since IBD began tracking it in mid-2003, notes InformationWeek.

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Re: Consumers intent to purchase Mac computers at highest point ever
by Anonymous on Tuesday, Dec 26 2006 @ 04:57 CET
DRM nightmares, Activation nightmares, incredible use restrictions, and then prices that are way overboard, and they think Vista will be popular? MS has absolutely no idea how much people are fed up. Linux isn't a real option, but Apple is.

AMD did it to Intel with the A64. Apple is going to give people an equal or better experience, with less hassle, and for a lower price. What's not to love?

MS is in for a wakeup call. Wait till they see the sales of Vista. But by then it will be far too late. People have had it with late night phone calls to MS activation, with complaints of user restrictions that are medieval in their autocracy, and those complaints fall on MS's deaf ears.

But they'll see soon, that people have other options. And they don't have to take anything that MS gives as "the only way it will be done" anymore. Yes Apple stands to do VERY well. And if Apple makes a move to free up the OS to operate on X86 hardware openly, then MS better tremble. Because jilted customers seldom, if ever return once they've found an alternative.

They're maybe right in thinking that Vista will be their last major OS release. They just don't understand yet just WHY it will be. Sorry MS, you offer too little, too late, for WAY too much and with too many restrictions to be of any use to anyone.