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Posted on Wednesday, July 09 2003 @ 17:37 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Plexmaster G2 Gehäuse
In diesem Bericht, wollen wir unser Hautaugenmerk, auf das Vorurteil mit der Pflege eines Plexiglasgehäuses richten. Natürlich gibt es Fotos und unsere Erfahrungen,beim Aufbau eines solchen Plexiglascases. Viel Spaß mit unserem Bericht.

Review Link : Caseumbau (german)

Gigabyte GA-S8648FX Motherboard Review
Gigabyte GA-S8648FX featured an unique locking mechanism for it's AGP slot known as EZ-Fix AGP. However, I found out only one part that most of the manufacturers tend to made mistakes all the time that is the placement of the AGP slot. The AGP slot was placed too near to the memory slots making it very inconvenient to attend the memory sticks, which is greatly contributed by bigger VGA cards such as GeForce FX5900 or ATi Radeon 9800...
Review Link : myWorld Hardware

Palm Zire 71
Techbits has reviewed the newest Zire 71 in Palm's product line-up. The Zire 71 integrates a digital camera and is an excellent PDA in the sub $300 range.
Review Link : Techbits X-Dreamer Mid Tower Case Review
The first time a saw a pre-modded case for sale was atleast a year ago. These days, the price of a stock and a pre-modded case are almost the same! With so many different styles and colors, one of the biggest questions when customizing a case is, "Where do I start?" In my opinion, a pre-modded case is a good structure to add more personalized mods to. Buying pre-modded helps saves time, and ensures your case will have a professional construction to it. Today I am taking a look at the "X-Dreamer" pre-modded case. It's features and design look promising, but how well will it actually function?

Review Link : V-H

UV Reactive Acrylic Case Review
Some other things to keep in mind with a case like this is that you need to use the screws they provide for the fans, motherboards, drives, etc. because the panels on this case are much thicker then what you will find on any metal case, and therefore the screws are longer. While installing the rheobus and CD-ROM drive I realized that the screws provided for that purpose are just long enough. What does that mean? Well, the space for the drive is a little wider (about 1/8”) then what is needed. If you screw in one side all the way so that the drive is snug against the panel, then the screw on the other side will not reach the drive. So you need to leave the first screw a little loose so that you can get the other side in and then tighten them up. If those screws were about 1/8” longer, this would not be an issue

Review Link : GruntVillE

ABIT's IS7-G motherboard
The IS7 BIOS "Advanced Chipset Features" give the user a wide range of options to tune the memory. The mighty ABIT "Game Accelerator" is residing here as well. ABIT made headlines with the introduction of this technology, because it is supposed to make the 865PE chipset based IS7 as fast as 875P boards. The "Game Accelerator" has 3 pre-defined performance settings, "Turbo" being the lowest stage of acceleration, followed by "Street Racer" and "F1" as the most aggressive performance setting.

Review Link : OCAU

QuietFeet from QuietPC
In the HTPC application, installation of the QuietFeet produced a noticeably reduced noise level, which will make regular use of the home theater that much more enjoyable. The market for QuietFeet might not be a large one, but for people serious about reducing computer noise, QuietFeet are an attractive, simple, and effective solution
Review Link : BigBruin

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