Blazing fast memory with XDR DRAM from Rambus

Posted on Thursday, July 10 2003 @ 14:43 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Rambus, along with Toshiba and Elpida, today announced XDR DRAM. XDR DRAM uses Rambus' XDR memory interface technology, formerly code-named Yellowstone. Running at 3.2GHz, XDR DRAM offers 8x the bandwidth of today's best-in-class PC memory (mostly 400MHz).

Initially XDR DRAM will be offered at 3.2GHz with a roadmap to 6.4GHz and beyond, enabling memory system bandwidths up to 100GB/s. XDR DRAM will be available in multiple speed bins, device densities, and device widths. With densities ranging from 256Mb to 8Gb, and device widths ranging from x1 to x32, XDR DRAM satisfies the needs of both high-bandwidth and high-capacity systems. XDR memory's novel matrix topology allows point-to-point differential data interconnects to scale to multi-GHz speeds, while the bussed address and command signals allow a scalable range of memory system capacity supporting from one to 36 DRAM devices.

Toshiba and Elpida expect to begin shipping XDR DRAM in 2004, ramping to volume production in 2005.

Pretty interesting eh, more information about the technology can be found at Rambus.

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