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Posted on Friday, July 11 2003 @ 7:22 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Corsair TwinX PC3200 Dual Channel DDR Memory Review
After reading how well Corsair's memory was benchmarking and performing throughout all the reviews I have read over the past year, I had some high expectations for their memory. Was I let down? Not in the slightest.

Review Link : TweakNews

mnpctech's Modders Mesh
Modder’s mesh isn’t a normal case modding product in that it doesn’t come packaged with a set of instruction’s and mounting hardware. Instead, it is a cool looking material that you can use creatively to take your rig to the next level

Review Link : GruntVillE

FIC KT400A motherboard
Review Link : AMDZone

Crucial 6-in-1 USB Card Reader
Whatever memory cards you have at home, Crucial is there with a solution in the form of their 6-in-1 USB Reader. This non-powered USB 1.1 compliant reader can accept any of six Flash memory card form-factors allowing you to combine any other readers you may have into this one unit. Reduce desktop clutter and save both desktop space and the battery life of your portable digital devices that you usually plug into the PC

Review Link : EnvyNews

Our multimeter readings were consistently greater than both spec and MBM average, and they remained within the ±4% (for 3.3V) and ±5% (for 12V and 5V) ranges. Ideally these readings should be as close to 12V, 3.3V, and 5V as possible, but in the real world this usually isn't the case. From an overclocker's POV, it's better to have higher power rails than lower to provide better voltage to components, and the EG-365P does exactly so

Review Link : OCAddiction

The Crucial Interview
Most people are familiar with Crucial as the leader in system memory upgrades, and that they offer reliable products for the mainstream computer user. But, have you ever wondered what they might have to say about things such as: the future of system memory, overclocking, heat spreaders, 'performance' ddr, and other related topics? Crucial agreed to a brief interview with BigBruin.Com that covered these topics, as well as a few more... Have a look!
Review Link : BigBruin

Vantec Nexus NXP-205 Fan Controller Review
The Nexus NXP-205 Fan Controller connects up to 4 fans and allows you manually adjust the fan speed and noise level. The fan speed is determined by the variable speed potentiometer settings which vary the voltage of the fan from 7V-12V. Each channel will support up to 18 watts. Ultra bright blue LED lights combine perfectly with the black or silver housing. The Nexus Fan Controller is great for Large CFM fans and fits perfectly in your 3.5" drive bay

Review Link : MTB

It wasn't till we got to 11x215 we got another BSOD during bootup of WindowsXP. Backing off to 11x210 in 1MHz increments and increasing voltage to 1.675v on the core got us stable again. At this point we lowered the Mulitplier down to 10.5, for a 10.5x 210 at which point we proceded to increase the FSB once again. By 10.5x 219 we still had no issues
Review Link : Viper's Lair

Raidmax Power Supplies
When removed from their boxes beauty of these units was apparent. They weren't just another ordinary box power supply. These two had a heat-sink type ridge system over them. It gave the shell of the power supplies a little needed attitude or flair. The 400W power supply came in a sharp blur color and the 500W showed off its style in the classic black. Now for those of you who have windows and think that a clear power supply cover looks a little tacky, these power supplies are for you. You will have to be careful while moving them around and installing them, because the color does scratch off pretty easily

Review Link : Virtual-Underground

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