Optimus 103 keyboard features 32 x 32 pixel OLEDs

Posted on Saturday, December 30 2006 @ 16:30:15 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Art Lebedev announced on their blog that the Optimus 103 keyboard will feature 32 x 32 pixel OLED displays. They will have an active area of 9 x 9mm and will be able to display 65k colors.

The keyboard received some additional press attention this week as it was ranked tenth on Wired's 2006 vaporware list. However, Art Lebedev promises the keyboard will become available in 2007.

Prices and availability aren't known yet, but they say preorders for the Optimus 103 will likely start in February 2007. What we do know is that the keyboard will be pretty expensive. A few weeks ago the company said it would launch a black & white version for $1,200, but the b&w version is already canned in favor for a colour version.

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