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Posted on Saturday, July 12 2003 @ 16:10 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Albatrons GeForce FX 5200 Ultra card
The Albatron Gigi FX 5200U Includes a very basic package.The website claims to also include two full games Serious Sam and Motocross Mania our sample did not include these games.Within the package you will find your user manual, the driver CD, a copy of Win DVD Creator. A RCA to RCA patch cable and also a S-vid to Female RCA patch cord.they also throw in a nice case Albatron Case badge
Review Link : Pc Tech Zone

ECS L7VTA revision 1.1 motherboard
ECS has kept with their tradition of offering the lowest cost motherboard around and it has made them one of the top 4 board makers in the world. The L7VTA revision 1.1 continues that tradition and provides not only excellent performance, but a low price tag will be attached. If you are looking for a low cost board, and don't want to sacrifice performance then this is the board for you.
Review Link : AMDZone

Lian Li PC-0716W Case & Aluminum Bezels
We’ve been on a roll showing you some of the best budget steel, aluminum and bi-metal chaise computer cases. Everything from Cooler Master’s Centurion, Antec’s Sonata and Athenatech’s A747, today we are going to show you a budget aluminum chaise that will satisfy beginner and advanced user alike

Review Link : Systemcooling

Vantec VAN-400B Ion 400 Watt Power Supply Review
The rear panel of the unit has an 80mm exhaust fan protected by a chrome fan guard. The unit includes a standard 115/230V voltage switch, a standard ON/OFF rocker switch, and an AC inlet. Two additional features include a 3-position fan control switch, and an AC output. The AC output is an ideal choice for user's looking to power an additional AC device, such as a monitor or any water cooling pumps simultaneously with the computer. The 3-position fan control switch has three settings: Auto, Low & Medium
Review Link : MTB

A+GPB 500W Dual Fan Power Supply Review
High-performance is what every overclocker and computer enthusiast wants. The power names in power supplies such as from Enermax, Antec and Thermaltake are a popular choice but tend to be pricey. We had taken a drive with the A+GPB 450W model a while back and were very impressed. In fact, we still are. Can the bigger brother that sports 500W fair any better?

Review Link : Modsynergy

Samsung 172B 17" LCD Review
Although this is an analog only LCD monitor, that does not take away from how it fared. I’m not trying to be biased and saying that analog monitors are just pure crap. Before I started reviewing them I thought this was true because a few reviews I’ve read seemed to downplay them quite a bit. “No digital input” said most of the reviews and it was quite clear that’s where the monitor lost some points for the overall rating. I believe you have to judge an analog monitor based on what it will most likely be used for

Review Link : E-T

Iceberg 1 Water Cooling Kit
Processors are in a group called the "hot mofo's." They usually have the highest heat output of any computer component. For years we have been battling this heat with giant heatsinks and noisy fans. Recently water cooling has come out of the underground and has become a lot more mainstream than we all thought. You can buy complete water cooling kits without having to worry about leaks or other nuisances. The only downside I see is the price. A good kit can cost you over 200 bucks easily. Fortunately there are companies out there that are selling kits for under $100. Of course these kits most likely won't be great performers, but they are good for those seeking quiet cooling solutions or someone just trying to get their feet wet. ExoticPC / ColorCase was kind enough to send us the Iceberg 1 water cooling kit from Ahanix. This is a very cheap kit, but how does it perform?

Review Link : The Tech Lounge

Cooler Master Alloy Drive Bezel
Heres where things are a little funky. If you take a look at the 3 peices of the bezel and compare them with the front of your CD/DVD drive you are about to acknowledge a few things: - Your drive's LED indicator is going to be covered up. You can fix that by drilling an appropriately measured hole, but then there is no guarantee you can get accurate LED positioning on a different drive if you re-use the bezel

Review Link : MHW

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