First ATI R600 benchmark results

Posted on Monday, Jan 01 2007 @ 16:23 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
A new site called Level 505 got their hands on a R600 GPU and published some benchmarks, comparing it to the GeForce 8800 GTX.

Here's a look at the specifications of the AMD/ATI R600 GPU (as published on Level 505 - the real specs may be different):
  • 64 4-Way SIMD Unified Shaders, 128 Shader Operations/Cycle
  • 32 TMUs, 16 ROPs
  • 512 bit Memory Controller, full 32 bit per chip connection
  • GDDR3 at 900 MHz clock speed (January)
  • GDDR4 at 1.1 GHz clock speed (March, revised edition)
  • Total bandwidth 115 GB/s on GDDR3
  • Total bandwidth 140 GB/s on GDDR4
  • Consumer memory support 1024 MB
  • DX10 full compatibility with draft DX10.1 vendor-specific cap removal (unified programming)
  • 32FP internal processing
  • Hardware support for GPU clustering (any 2^n number, not limited to Dual or Quad-GPU)
  • Hardware DVI-HDCP support (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection)
  • Hardware Quad-DVI output support (Limited to workstation editions)
  • 230W
  • If these benchmarks are genuine, the R600 is a bit faster than NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 GTX.

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    Re: First ATI R600 benchmark results
    by Anonymous on Monday, Jan 01 2007 @ 19:48 CET
    Users with 8800GTX's in the wild are reporting sometimes significantly better benchmark #s than this article suggests. Might want to pull out the salt on this one...

    Re: First ATI R600 benchmark results
    by Thomas De Maesschalck ( on Monday, Jan 01 2007 @ 21:44 CET
    The results are indeed disputed.

    I just read that Daily Tech contacted the site and heard that two Level 505 staff members are directly affiliated with AMD's business division. I guess we better wait for some more objective reviews.