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Posted on Sunday, July 13 2003 @ 8:17 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Levicom ATX Blue Light 350 Netzteil im Test
Heute, wo immer mehr Leistung verlangt wird, ist ein starkes Netzteil sicher eine der wichtigsten Komponenten im System. In unserem neuesten Test sehen wir uns das Levicom ATX Blue Light 350 Netzteil an. Dabei handelt es sich um ein vergleichsweise günstiges 350W Netzteil, welches auch den Modding-Fans einiges bieten kann, da es unter anderem über zwei blau beleuchtete Lüfter verfügt. Genaueres zur Leistungsfähigkeit und zur Optik des Netzteils lest ihr in unserem Test.

Review Link : Moddingtech (German)

Beetle PSU
One of the pleasures of modding is to take something, change it and make it do something completely different. It was whilst walking around my children's school fate that I saw this Beetle, which immediately caught my eye. Therefore at the cost of £1 and the use of a few bits I had lying around, welcome to Beetle Mania

Link : the Modfathers

Exotic Wood Crafts Madrone Burl Case Review
They started as steel, then aluminum, and now increasing in popularity, acrylic. But what about wood? Modders and custom PC builders, being a more youthful and technologically advanced genre have desired a more modern style, which has translated into the case industry predominantly conforming to the sleek and modern style of steel, aluminum, and acrylic cases. Since the concept of a case being more than just a bulky beige box is relatively new, there never really has been a market for a traditionally styled wooden case. I'm not saying that this is a totally foreign concept; there are currently a few imitation wood cases covered in a wood design overlay, or even some with a painted wood design. But, from what I can tell, this is the first of its kind.

Review Link : V-H

Corsair TwinX Dual Channel PC3200 XMS RAM Kit
Corsair has been a major player in the memory industry for as long as I can remember (late '98). In this short time, I have seen and heard nothing but good things about them. If you remember, we took a look at their 256 MB PC3500 XMS stick a while back and left the review with grins from ear to ear. In the short time since our last Corsair review, many new products have been released in the computer industry. One of the most notable releases in recent times has been that of the Nforce 2 chipset, and more notably, Dual Channel DDR

Review Link : OCIA

Vantec ION 400W PSU
I must say that I am extremely pleased with Vantec's offering today. The ION is very well built, packed with features and runs like no other! The AC output gives the ION major points along with the fan control. The ION is extremely quiet thanks to the temperature and manual controls, and maintains low noise levels even under very stressed situations. If you are looking for a new PSU, look no further than the Vantec ION.

Review Link : The Tech Lounge

Through the following week I will be taking UNIQUE ideas on how to destroy a CD or DVD in leu of the Data Destroyer review. Your idea should be limited to 50 words. On 7/20/2003, I will post all destruction ideas here, and readers can vote on the best idea. Only one will win, few will probably enter.
Link : HardCoreMods

Kühler Teststand
Beim Testen von Kühlern taucht immer wieder das Problem der Vergleichbarkeit der Testergebnisse auf - der eine hat dieses System, der andere jenes, und wenn mann auch nur ein Detail ändert sind die Werte schon wieder nicht mehr repräsentativ. ABER DAMIT IST JETZT SCHLUSS!!! Denn wir haben für euch den ultimativen Kühler Teststand gebaut, der alle Kühler effektiv und immer unter den gleichen Bedingungen testet, wodurch hervorragende Vergleichsmöglichkeiten entstehen. Daher beginnen demnächst auch die Kühlerwochen bei McCaseumbau - wir testen jeden Tag einen neuen Kühler für euch und werden so langsam aber sicher die ultimativen Kühlercharts erstellen! Wie der Teststand genau funktioniert erfahrt ihr im Bericht.

Review Link : Caseumbau (German)

USB dongles from XMicro
We have probably all heard about Bluetooth sometime right?! Well today we are rewieving some Bluetooth dongles from X-Micro. These dongles can be used to connect to your cellphone, PDA, laptop etc etc. They are really small also and easy to use but do they really work?!

Review Link : R&B Mods

DFI LanParty VIA KT400a Motherboard Review
Although the performance of the VIA KT400a chipset failed to be the performance freak I was expecting, I was absolutely impressed with the DFI LanParty KT400a motherboard. You just can’t go wrong with the new LanParty series. Everything you could think of has been included with this package
Review Link : 3dXtreme

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