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Posted on Monday, July 14 2003 @ 11:28 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Coolermaster AERO 7+ HSF Review
At first look, the heat sink looks like your typical copper base with skived fins, but one quickly notices the odd-shaped clear/aqua colored fan that sits atop. It is this unusual looking fan that sets the Aero 7+ apart from other cooling setups. Unlike the common axial type fans you’ll find with most heat sinks, the Aero 7+ uses what’s referred to as a blower fan, similar in design to what you’d find inside the housing of a turbo charger.

Now you may be asking yourself “How is it really better than a normal fan?”, after all, a fan of any kind still just moves air right? Well, to explain it, let’s first take a look at airflow movements created by each type of fan

Review Link : GruntVillE

Medion MD 6100 2.6GHz P4-M notebook
Expanding on the specs, and we see the MD 6100 features a very powerful 2.6GHz Pentium4-M processor, which is on level with some of the fastest desktop systems out there let alone notebooks. Memory wise, we have 512MB of DDR SDRAM on hand, which is a very nice addition for users who want that extra grunt in intensive applications
Review Link : Hardavenue

VL System Lost In Space LCD Display Review
While I had the chance to play with this setup for a couple of weeks, I really started to get a feel for it, its functionality, and other things that it lacked. I think that making a judgment on an LCD really comes down to how well the software was written. I did not have any problems with the software included with this LCD. It was fairly easy to use and install, however, I would have liked to be able to pick and choose specific items that were shown, instead of having to activate an entire tab.

Review Link : TwistedMods

CoolerMaster Keyboard Q
I believe it was Fernando, portrayed on Saturday Night Live by Billy Crystal, who said, “It is better to look good than to feel good”. Now I can not speak for the rest of you, but it seems like there is an abundance of high-tech gadgets out there that follow this mantra. Take keyboards for example - backlit, aluminum, wireless, cordless, transparent, and chock full of multimedia controls. In line with this statement, we take a look at the Cooler Master Keyboard Q, which may prove Fernando wrong...

Review Link : EnvyNews

Xitel HiFi-Link
Xitel is here to help you on your way to HTPC nirvana with the HiFi-Link. All you need is a PC (any speed) with a USB port and Xitel will help you turn your PC or Mac into the first step of any Home Theater PC: a digital audio jukebox. Now, a digital audio jukebox does not have to be the end-all to be-all. The HiFi-Link has superb quality, and is only limited by the quality of your home audio equipment. A crystal clear digital stream is only minutes away with its ultra-simple installation, and using the HiFi-Link is just as simple
Review Link : EnvyNews

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