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Posted on Wednesday, July 16 2003 @ 11:09 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Kingston’s DataTraveler 128MB product
When you’ve evaluated, tested, and written over twenty USB Flash Drive reviews, one starts to have a greater understanding of their differences and determining factors that the manufacturer tries to expand upon to make the product appealing to the mass market. In the case of the Kingston DataTraveler, Kingston Technology set forth to redefine and set the standard for USB Flash Drive appearances, specifically in the area of industrial design and human-interface/ergonomics. The DataTraveler 128MB is still a USB 1.1 certified Flash drive, but its beauty more than makes up for this issue.
Review Link : EnvyNews

EluminX Illuminated Keyboard Review
Review Link : Legit Reviews

MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R (MS-6728 v.1) Mainboard Review
This board is a top solution in the i865PE based line. It has the maximum number of components and accessories. This PCB is also used for several less sophisticated models: 865PE Neo2-S (only the Serial ATA controller supported), 865PE Neo2-LS (10/100 Mbit Ethernet support is added) and finally the 865PE Neo2-FIS2R (the Fast Ethernet controller is replaced with the CSA Gigabit Ethernet, and FireWire and IDE/SATA RAID controllers are integrated). One of the remarkable peculiarities of this board is the Dynamic Overclocking function which automatically lifts up the CPU clock in case of a high load depending on the BIOS settings. For example, if the Dynamic Overclocking is set to "Colonel" in the BIOS, the CPU clock rises from 3000 MHz to 3210 MHz, and when it's set to "General" (maximum possible) the CPU reaches 3300 MHz (but the board works instably in that mode, that is why we can't use it).
Review Link : Digit-Life

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Review
ATI has made some great improvements to this card over the 9700Pro. ATI is way ahead of the game, pun intended, when it comes to being prepared for next-generation games. They’ve gone above and beyond what’s required for DX9 and have dubbed it DX9++ compatible. One can only assume it SHOULD make it through all the DX9 revisions OR it's just marketing hype. Marketing confuses most, but the reason I make this statement is nVidia claims that their cards are DX9+ compatible. Coincidence? Maybe

Review Link : GruntVillE

DDR PC3200 from Crucial
The Crucial DDR PC3200 does what is is suppose to and bests a more expensive ram in the process. Couple that with Crucials most excellent service, support, shipping and their Top 10 Reasons to buy Crucial, we have our selves a winner here
Review Link : PC" target="_blank">PCAbusers

VIA KT400A based Albatron KX400 8XV Pro
The KX400 8XV Pro is unique in that it is the smallest ATX KT400A based board we have tested. It is so small in fact that it is near to Super 7 boards in size. The options for Ethernet and SPDIF connectors for the 6 channel audio are pluses. Stability on the board was also good, and it provides a good deal of overclocking options. Lastly we expect pricing to be quite competitive.
Review Link : AMDZone

Soltek SL-KT400A-L KT400A Motherboard
Well, I am sorry to disappoint you, boys and girls, but the Soltek SL-KT400A-L is no match for the nF2 boards. It surely is faster than Soltek's KT-400 motherboard, 75FRV-L, but it is lagging behind when comparing to other nF2 solutions, including Soltek FRN2
Review Link : OCNZ

Thermalright SLK-700
I was very impressed with the SLK-700 paired up with the YS Tech TMD fan. It was quiet and did a fabulous job of keeping the processor cool. I have never seen a 2200+ run under 50c with a full load, unless a screaming delta is added to the mix
Review Link : MHW

Sharkoon CUS 2 Sockel A
Heute haben wir für euch, mal den Sharkoon CUS 2 Sockel A über unseren Teststand gejagt. Optisch sieht dieser CPU-Kühler sehr gut aus, und ist mit 19 Euro auch nicht grade teuer. Was er so an Kühlleistung bring erfahrt ihn in unsern Bericht.

Review Link : Caseumbau (German)

Thermaltake's X Blower
Today we're looking at Thermaltake's new cooling solution kit the X Blower, which includes 2 fans and a dual fan speed controller. The fans aren't your typical variety either, one is a new version of the smartfan 2 and the other is the radically different designed Blower fan.

Review Link : TechTastic

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