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Posted on Wednesday, July 23 2003 @ 17:38 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
We already reported that the Radeon9200SE will be officialy introduced within a few days, and now Akiba has put some pictures on their website of a retail version of the Sapphire Radeon 9200SE Atlantis.

The 9200SE from ATI is a toned down 9200, with lower memory bandwidth of 64-bit (versus 128-bit for the 9200) and lower core clock speed of 200MHz (versus 250MHz). Remarkable is that even a PCI version of this 3D card is avaible! A quick search on pricegrabber learned me that a normal 9200 card retails for about $62 to $85 depending on the specifications and model. Obviously with toned down specifications the 9200SE will even cost less, which possibly makes this a very good budget card. In Japan the price is 6700 Yen which is around $56.

When we take a look on the Radeon9200SE one of the first things that catches the eye is the core. On most 3D cards we expect a big powerfull cooler to be on it, but with this 3D card this is clearly not the case, it is as good as naked. It does not have a fan, and even further it does not even has a heatsink! Probally this low-profile card runs very cool. This is for me really a rare thing to see because almost all recently released 3D cards had at least a heatsink the dissipate the heat.

I do not know much about his performance at the moment, but I assume that this will be a good card for the low budget user which does not desires a lot of graphical power and does wants to have a quiet system. This card is obviously slower than the Radeon 9800/9700/9600/9500 series, and it is the slowest of the 9200 line,but the fan/heatsink less design still makes it a little bit interesting I think. Also this card could be nice for in mini/hometheater PC's because of the low heat production. But I would wait for a few reviews on this card before actual buying one.

Source : Akiba

Update : I have sended an email to Sapphire to ask some details about what they think the temperatures of this 3D card will be during a few different situations like : idle/playing a DVD/heavy load. Hopefully I will get a reply soon.

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