It's coming... And NVOverclock

Posted on Friday, July 25 2003 @ 18:31 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
I spotted this new logo from NVIDIA at NV News. They did not know what is coming, or when. And me neither. It might be a set of new drivers for the Nforce, the Nforce3 or something totally else.

UPDATE : It is not a new Nforce2 driver.

Damn the information was wrong, Speed^n is not an overclocking utility! The overclocking utility I talked about is going to be released real soon and will be called NVOverclock.
This is from a topic in Hardforum (the forum of [H]ardOCP), thanks to SoniCraze for sharing the information! :
I was at a lan last week and the nvidia rep did a huge demo.

It is basically software that lets you overclock your fsb, memory, even multiplier from a windows enviroment instantly.

Some features will work with current nforce2 boards but the good ones will require hooks to be in the bios and hardware.
Not really that new thus, but still nice a big company like NVIDIA is planning to bring out overclocking software like this! You will be able to change various settings like CPU , Memory, Aux, AGP and Nforce Voltage. You can also adjust the FSB and AGP bus speed, and adjust the CPU fan speed. In the advanced settings you will be able to change the memory and memory controller timings. And all this in a Windows enviroment!

Check out this page for some screenshots of it. The screenshots are made in May, so it is possible that the program NVOverclock has changed a lot.

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Re: It's coming... And NVOverclock
by Anonymous on Tuesday, July 29 2003 @ 10:13 CEST
Maybe they just want to be able to overclock your mobo/cpu/ram to make their gfx cards run faster in benchmarks.

Maybe I'm just imagining that will happen.