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Posted on Monday, July 28 2003 @ 4:06 CEST by Lordrazer
  • Chenming Mid - Tower AL-3O1KE at

    I think a computer case reflects both the personality of the person who owns it and the computer that is inside. Aluminum cases are very popular these days. They help to conduct heat better, they are much lighter then their steel counterparts and they don't corrode or rust. Computer cases today come in many sizes and colors. Today we are going to be looking at the Chenming Mid - Tower AL-3O1KE.

  • Iwill ZPC at

    The PC was probably the greatest invention of our time, but the basic design hasn’t changed much since it was invented. You still need three basic things to make a PC; a monitor, CPU and an input device. There has been a lot of effort to integrate the components of a PC to make it smaller and more stylish, but you still have the bulk. Probably the best thing to ever happen to the desktop computer has been the flat screen monitor, but we still have the bulky tower. The best effort to shrink the PC I’ve seen to date has been what we’ve come to know as the “small form factor platform” PCs. While maintaining the flexibility and power of the tower, companies have cut the tower down to about one forth the size. The SFF platforms have been a great success this year, but just how small can we go? Iwill has taken the next step and has created a new PC that is crossed between the compact nature and portability of the notebook computer, and the high power of the desktop PC. Named the ZPC, will this highbred PC be the next big thing to enhance our lives?

  • TR2-M3 Socket A HSF at

    "We all know Thermaltake. They have been at the forefront of cooling needs for a long time. However, they can be expensive for some people that would like to save some cash. That’s why Thermaltake has produced another division, TR2. TR2 is a division of Thermaltake and targets users on a budget, and system builders all with the design of the Thermaltake brand. Today we are looking at the TR2-M3 Socket A cooler".

  • Pen Drive USA Pen Drive 2.0 at

    When it comes to file transfers between two systems not on a network, what is the best the solution? We could burn a CD, and use 5% of the disc. The ol’ floppy is still kicking, but if you’re anything like me, that’s fallen by the way side sometime ago, I’m sorry but those speeds just don’t cut the mustard anymore. Recently, an alternative to these two methods has become available to us. The combatant? Flash Memory drives.

  • Howto creating a custom window etch at

    When you have your image, which you wish to apply to a window for etching or paint. You need to lay out your window. The fans, if there are any, drill first. Why? You don't want to do hours worth of work to finally drill for the fan and have it crack on you. Yes, I talk from experience."

  • Vulturespin and the Owlstream heatsink at

    Although not available for purchase for a few more weeks, Speeze has provided BigBruin.Com with their latest Socket A cooling products... "The Vulturespin and Owlstream are solid performers for typical desktop applications, especially if noise is a serious consideration... and the performance offered versus the price paid will be very attractive to many potential users

  • Soltek SL-5600-XD at

    Budget Gamers - they are a tough crowd to please. They represent the market segment that wants the most bang for their buck. Getting the top-of-the-line performance card for a modest outlay of cash are not two variables that usually stick side by side. That said, this is where NVIDIA and now Soltek have stepped in with the GeForce FX 5600 series of cards; a budget card with DirectX 9 features and some very adequate performance for the games of today.

  • EverGlide Giganta V-3 at

    Folks looking for a new mouse pad should look no further! I have found what I believe to be the best mouse pad on the face of Mother Earth. Of course, this is my own humble opinion, but the Giganta V-3 has made me a happy mouser once again

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