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Posted on Tuesday, July 29 2003 @ 5:24 CEST by Lordrazer
  • UV aktive Lüftergitter at caseumbau.de ( German )

    UV aktive Lüftergitter von Sharkoon. Viel gibt es dazu eigentlich gar nicht zu sagen, seht euch die Bilder an und urteilt selbst, ob sie euch gefallen! Ich sage nur reine Geschmackssache. Leuchten unter UV-Licht tun sie auf jeden Fall sehr schön

  • Chaintech 9CJS Zenith at envynews.com

    The Zenith lineup is the pride and joy of Chaintech’s Socket 478 family of mainboards. Targeted at the enthusiast and power user segment, these motherboards arrive built upon the highest performance chipsets at the time of their manufacturing. The name Zenith also carries with it all the extra bells and whistles one could wish for in a motherboard. The Zenith 9CJS is quite possibly the most luxurious of all Canterwood boards on the market

  • Howto : Basic overclocking at cybercpu.net

    TOverclocking has been the new trend amongst computer enthusiasts for quite a while. This leaves the High-End and High-Clocked components for the conservative users or those too afraid of pushing up a bit the limits of their systems. In this article I will review the essential notions and basic steps on How To overclock your computer.

  • Vantec Nexus NXP-205 at hitechmods.com

    Fans have always been a major annoyance in modern computers. They do remove hot air but also make a lot of noise. When the temperature is low enough or silence is needed it is nice to be able to reduce the voltage given to fans which in turn slows them down decreasing the noise produced. In the past years products have been developed to deal with this issue. The baybus provides some control but can only have up to four speed options. Even better is the rheobus which can adjust to any voltage

  • Keysonic USB Mini-Grafiktablett at caseumbau.de

    Heute testen wir für ein Produkt, das mit Casemodding eigentlich gar nichts zu tun hat. Aber egal, für den einen oder anderen ist es sicherlich interessant. Grafiktabletts sind in der Regel recht klobig und für den Otto->Normal-User nicht interessant. Wer aber doch mit viel mit Bildbearbeitungsprogrammen arbeitet oder einfach mal etwas Neues ausprobieren möchte, den wird das Mini Grafiktablett von Keysonic interessieren.

  • KEnermax 660Watt Power Supply at legitreviews.com

    Today we will be looking at one of the more powerful Power Supply Unit's (PSU) on the market today. The EG851AX-VH comes with a strong-arm of 660 Watts! You don't need to know anything about computers or even electricity to know that 660 Watts is a lot of juice...

  • GlobalWin SAF520 520W-P4 PSU at hardwarefusion.net

    TMany systems now require at least a 430W power supply, this is particularly the case for users running the latest GeForce FX graphics cards that require a 4-Pin power connector in addition to the power output of the AGP slot. Many people may find a 520Watt power supply a bit excessive but now days 480Watts is increasingly becoming the norm and 520Watts is always good for future upgrade purposes

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