Tuesday review news part 2

Posted on Tuesday, July 29 2003 @ 12:32 CEST by Lordrazer
  • Abit NF7-S revision 2 motherboard at amdzone.com

    UThe Socket A area includes the socket itself that does include the four heatsink mounting holes that the first NF7 we tested did not. A thermistor is located inside the socket for CPU temperature readings, and just below the Northbridge. Below the Northbridge is the ATX power connector. An additional four pin power connector is placed just to the left of the ATX power connector to provide extra graphics card power. The Northbridge includes Abit's new heatsink and fan design. Throughout the socket area several capacitors and voltage regulators.

  • Sapphire Atlantis RADEON 9800 PRO 256MB Ultimate Edition at digit-life.com

    This model is based on the 0.15 micron technology, has a huge die and heats a lot. But not that much compared to NVIDIA's products based on the 0.13 micron technology. The tests show that a simple active cooler is enough for the the RADEON 9800 PRO. It doesn't even need heavy copper sinks. But there is one strange thing: 450MHz on 0.13 microns can't outdo 380 MHz on 0.15 microns. It seems that ATI and nVIDIA have traded their places (at the time of GeForce3/RADEON 8500 NVIDIA showed better performance for 1 MHz)."

  • CompactFlash, MMC, SD Cards Roundup at digit-life.com

    First of all, the good old CompactFlash is not going to give up: 1 GB has become popular, the speed of the CF interface is constantly growing up, and its extension is expected soon. The SecureDigital cards develop slower: although the fastest models do not yield to ?the best CF cards, such cards fall behind in size - even 512 MB remain expensive and exotic. Besides, limitations of this interface can be expected very soon. The life of MMC was extended once again, but I don't understand why. I didn't test SmartMedia cards because no changes in this area are expected. As to xD Picture cards, there is almost nothing to test them with though cards and devices that support them are selling in numbers, and such situation is fraught with serious consequences."

  • Iwill and Soltek Barebone Systems at digit-life.com

    It turned out that the barebone systems examined today come from companies whose models were reviewed before. Moreover, two of three models are very similar to the earlier tested products from Iwill and Soltek, that is why our permanent readers may find useful only examination of the Iwill ZPC. Those who are looking for "the same but with pearl buttons" can turn to the new variations of the old things. Thus, Soltek's new Qbic retains its excellent case but utilizes the Athlon XP which is not welcomed by barebone makers.

  • Chaintech Zenith 9CJS 875P Canterwood Motherboard at tweaknews.net

    With a package and onboard feature bundle that has it all, the Zenith 9CJS is THE one stop product for the performance enthusiast who wants it all in one purchase. With the included 7.1 channel audio, dual LAN, remote control, extensive front panel and all around good looks coupled with decent performance, this product would be a recommended buy for anyone wanting a "turn key" approach to building an elite computer

  • Kingwin 2.5" Mobile HDD Enclosure at cluboc.net

    WToday I have a new portable storage device to show off from our friends at Kingwin. Kingwin's new toy is called the KH-100, 2.5 Inch Mobile Hard Drive Enclosure. Some of you may be asking yourself "what is a 2.5" hard drive?". 2.5" hard drives is what you will find in the standard notebook computer. They are extremely small, not much bigger than a credit card. They are the perfect thing for an extremely portable mass storage device

  • CS601 Laufwerke Beleuchten at moddinggods.de (German)

    WDa man auf einer LAN Party nicht immer soviel Licht hat und man dadurch die Laufwerke nicht so gut erkennen kann. Dann geht die Suche los und besonders, wenn man noch einen Stealthmod hat. Für dieses Problem habe ich mir aber eine Lösung ausgedacht. Auf vielen Seiten gab es schon eine Version wo die Laufwerke von oben beleuchtet werde, dies ist nun so oft gemacht worden das ich mir gesagt hab es muss was neues her, also wie wäre die Beleuchtung von der Seite, wie das geht und wie das dann aussieht könnt ihr im How to nachlesen…

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