TwinMOS Playing TWISTER?

Posted on Wednesday, August 06 2003 @ 4:51 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
TwinMOS announced Twister, and no in this case Twister is not the family game, and also not that stormchasers movie from Warner Bros Twister is a new line of DDR Ram modules meant for overclockers.

Their new Twister line of memory consist out of DDR333/400/433/466 and DDR500 modules. Something eye catching about them is their heatspreader, which will probably keep them cooler (A badly applied memory heatspreader can be worse than no heatspreader for memory, it can actually trap the heat). The DDR466/500 modules have timings of CL2.5 2, 4, 8 at 2.5V. The DDR333/400 and DDR433 modules are able to work at CL2 2-4-8 according to TwinMOS.

  The company named the new product line - TwiSTER after the core concepts incorporated into the technology with "S" standing for "speed" and "TER" standing for "terrific" to approach over-clocking power users¡Bgaming enthusiasts and business customers with its high performance and speedy yet steady retrieval of data. The DDR WLCSP module under the TwiSTER line is produced with WLCSP technology, enabling steady data transmission and effective thermal reduction.
WLCSP: Wafer-level chip scale packaging, refers to the packaging of the entire wafer instead of individual chips diced from the wafer -- a technique producing packaged chips 20% larger than the original. WLCSP involves packaging the entire wafer before the dicing process, producing packaged chips the same size as the original.

Twinmos Part No Speed Cas Lantency Capicity
M2G4I08A-TwisTER 333 MHz CL 2 256MB
M2G4J16A-TwisTER 333 MHz CL 2 512MB
M2GDI08A-TwisTER 400 Mhz CL2 256MB
M2GDJ16A-TwisTER 400 Mhz CL2 512MB
M2G9I08A-TwisTER 400 Mhz CL2.5 256MB
M2G9J16A-TwisTER 400 Mhz CL2.5 512MB
M2GII08A-TwisTER 433 MHz CL2 256MB
M2GIJ16A-TwisTER 433 MHz CL2 512MB
M2GEI08A-TwisTER 433 MHz CL2.5 256MB
M2GEJ16A-TwisTER 433 MHz CL2.5 512MB
M2GGI08A-TwisTER 466 Mhz CL2,5 256MB
M2GGJ16A-TwisTER 466 Mhz CL2,5 512MB
M2GHI08A-TwisTER 500 MHz CL 2.5 256MB/512MB
Dual Channel Kits 400 Mhz CL2 512MB
Dual Channel Kits 400 Mhz CL2 1G
Dual Channel Kits 400 Mhz CL2.5 512MB
Dual Channel Kits 400 Mhz CL2.5 1G

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