ATI Confirms OpenGL 1.5 Support for Radeon9500 and higher

Posted on Thursday, August 07 2003 @ 14:19 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Some time ago on the 28th of July OpenGL 1.5 and his specifications were revealed on Siggraph in San Diego

Warp2Search had a talk with Terry Makedon from ATI about the current 3D Cards from ATI because they promise OpenGL 2.0 compatibility in their marketing material :

  • Products from the RADEON 9500 and higher are capabable of supporting OpenGL 1.5, but we also need the driver to support these extensions.
  • Support will be through a driver update and I can't comment on when right now. We are finishing up some coding for this and are on a fast track for implementing it.
  • The claim of OpenGL 2.0 (compliance) is correct, but obviously we can't officially support it in our drivers until it is released to the public.

  • Some new features of OpenGL 1.5 :
    * Vertex Buffer Object: vertex arrays for higher performance rendering
    * Shadow Function: additional comparison functions for shadow mapping
    * Occlusion Query: asynchronous occlusion test for better culling
    * Non power-of-two Textures: for more efficient use of texture memory, including mipmaps
    * OpenGL Shading Language v. 1.0: as official extensions more specifically, shader objects, vertex shaders, and fragment shaders, all for use of programmable shader hardware

    Source : Warp2Search

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