Prices of some DDR500/533 memory

Posted on Sunday, August 10 2003 @ 7:52 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
GEIL recently announced DDR500 and DDR533 which are running at CAS 3 8-4-4. Akiba has spotted these modules in Japan together with some other DDR500 modules and has posted a price table. Here are the Japanese Yen price converted to USD with X-rates

Brand Japanese Yen USD
Geil 2x256MB DDR500 (2.5-4-4-7) 27800 $233.6
OCZ 2x256MB DDR500 (3-4-4-8) 32800 $275.6
Geil 2x512MB DDR500 (2.5-4-4-7) 56800 $477.2
OCZ 2x512MB DDR500 (3-4-4-8) 63800 $536
Corsair Twinx 2x512MB DDR500 (3-4-4-8) 64800 $544.4
Geil 2x256MB DDR533 (3-4-4-8) 29000 $243.7
Geil 2x512MB DDR533 (3-4-4-8) 56800 $477.2

The memory from Geil seems to be relative cheap compared to the modules from Corsair and OCZ, but I'm not sure if I can recommend these because lately I have read some bad stuff about memory from Geil. Another strange thing is that 2x512MB DDR500 and DDR533 memory from Geil has exactly the same price.
Source : Akiba

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