Details about Intel Grantsdale-GV and Grantsdale-GL chipsets

Posted on Thursday, August 14 2003 @ 19:02 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
X-bit Labs has some information about the Grantsdale-GV and Grantsdale-GL. Firstly they also state that a source of them confirmed that Intel will launch 2.80GHz and 3.0GHz versions of the Prescott. These are rumoured to have a lower power usage so that they can work in current Springdale and Canterwood motherboards.

The Grantsdale-GV is a mainstream solution and the Grantsdale-GL is for the value market, both will be launched in Q3 2004. The normal Grantsdale which will be launched in Q2 2004, is for the performance market.
Intel Grantsdale-GV chipset will support both 533MHz and 800MHz Quad Pumped Bus Celeron or Pentium 4 processors in Socket T form-factor. It will also be able to work with dual-channel DDR (333, 400MHz) and DDR-II SDRAM (400, 533MHz) memory. The part will not have a graphics port, unlike the Grantsdale-G, also boasting with the same capabilities.

The Grantsdale-GL core-logic designed for Celeron processors with 533MHz Quad Pumped Bus and 256KB of L2 for LGA775 will only support dual-channel PC2700 and PC3200 DDR SDRAM, thus, we can conclude that next year even Celeron chips will receive a dual-channel platform.

All Grantsdale-G series chipsets will support PCI Express interconnection as well as incorporate Intel Extreme Graphics 3 core.

In the Q1 2004 you should expect Socket 478 Prescott processors to ramp through mainstream market; it the Q2, however, there will be a massive launch of LGA775 and PCI Express platforms in all market segments, including the high-end and entry-level.
Some Grantsdale specifications :
Support LGA 775 (Land Grid Array) only
Support 800MHz FSB
Support DDR333/400 or DDRII 400/533
Support 4GB memory maximum
Not support ECC
PCI Express x16 support (for 3D Cards)

ICH6 Southbridge:
Support 4 SATA ports
Support GbE (PCI Express x1)
Support 802.11 (PCI Express x1)
Only one PATA (2 IDE Drives)
Support for RAID 0, 1, 0 + 1
Source : X-bit Labs and Hexus (for some parts of the Grantsdale specs)

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