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Posted on Saturday, August 16 2003 @ 5:46 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
PlanetQuake has some information about Quake IV from the QuakeCon2003 keynote speech from the Id software crew! here are a few quotes:
Q Is Quake IV next (after Doom3)?
A: There is a possibility that we may see Quake IV at next yeat's QuakeCon. Tim is currently directing the team at Raven.

Q: What will the minimum requirements be for Quake IV?
A: Too difficult to forecast this point. But to run it well you will likely need at least a GeForce 2, 256MB RAM and at least a 1GB processor.

Q: What key features will separate Quake IV from Quake 3?
A: Quake IV is a continuation of Quake 2, back on Stroggos fighting the Strogg in the single player. They are planning different types of gameplay such as vehicles and other elements.

Q: Will there be strafe jumping in Quake IV and Doom 3?
A: It's slower, but the physics are there.
The system requirements are still not too high, but at least a 1GB processor?! Most likely they will mean a 1GHz processor don't you think

Source : PlanetQuake

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