Guide: Fueler's Custom Modded Folding Rig

Posted on Wednesday, April 25 2007 @ 8:20 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
OCC has published a new How To Guide called: Fueler's Custom Modded Folding Rig

"Fueler is a Manufacturers Rep for Automotive Tools, Equipment, and Paint and Body Supplies. He has built several cases in the past, including one that featured on the cover of CPU Magazine. This is his latest work-log, presented here for your enjoyment! A selection of questions from the original forum thread are included as many of the answers are given in Fueler's descriptions and commentary."

In an effort to get my electric bill under control, I shut down 8 of my folding rigs (I donated these to a local charity...I can use the tax write-off) and have replaced them with 2 E6300 rigs, running the new SMP client.

Now I need a case for's the plan:
Put both PCs in one case
Run both PCs from one power supply
No optical drives
Integrated video
Minimum number of fans

Check it out at OverclockersClub.

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