Bios updates

Posted on Sunday, August 25 2002 @ 15:01 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Bios updates van Asus , ECS Elitegroup , FIC , Gigabyte , Jetway , MSI , Soltek , Soyo en Tyan...

  • Asus Bios P4T533-C 1007 - 02 Beta
  • Asus Bios A7V333 1012 - 04 Beta

    ECS Elitegroup
  • ECS Bios L4IBAE v1.0x: Version 1.0b
  • ECS Bios L7VMM2 v1.0x: Version 1.0
  • ECS Bios P6IEAT v1.0x: Version 1.1d
  • ECS Bios P6IPAT v1.0x: Version 1.1d

  • FIC Bios VI11: Version sab44

  • Gigabyte Bios GA-6IEM/L: Version F5
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-6OXT/-A: Version F6
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-7DX+: Version F7a BETA
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-7DXR+: Version F9a BETA
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-7VRX: Version F6b BETA
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-7ZXR/-C V3.0: Version Fbb BETA
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-8IRE: Version F4a BETA
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-8SIMLH: Version F1
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-8SIMLP: Version F4
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-8SKML: Version F1
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-8SR533: Version F4
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-8ST/-L: Version F4
  • Gigabyte Bios GA-8STML: Version F4

  • Jetway Bios 845CA/L: Version A08
  • Jetway Bios 845EDAK: Version A05
  • Jetway Bios 845EPRO: Version A04
  • Jetway Bios 845GDA/L: Version A03
  • Jetway Bios 845GPRO: Version A04
  • Jetway Bios 845LDA/L: Version A03
  • Download Here

  • MSI Bios MS-6368: Version 5.8
  • MSI Bios MS-6545 V2.0 (850E Max): Version 2.0
  • MSI Bios MS-6585 (648 Max): Version 1.0

  • Soltek Bios SL-85ERV: Version AJ1.2

  • Soyo Bios SY-P4I Fire DRAGON: BETA-Version 20.8.
  • Soyo Bios SY-P4X400 DRAGON Ultra: Version 2aa1


  • Tyan Bios S2080 (Tomcat i815T): Version 1.07
  • Tyan Bios S2425 (Tomcat i815ef): Version 1.06
  • Tyan Bios S2462 (Thunder K7): Version 2.12
  • Tyan Bios S2466N-4M (Tiger MPX): Version 4.03
  • Tyan Bios S2468 (Thunder K7X): Version 4.03

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