Prescott, Tejas and Nehalem power specifications

Posted on Wednesday, September 17 2003 @ 8:13 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
According to The Inquirer the Tejas (successor of the upcoming Intel Prescott CPU) will consume less power on the high end than the Prescott, but a little bit more on the low end. They have also gathered a little bit of information about the power specifications that the Nehalem will require :

There was another hotspot technology making the whisper rounds at IDF, it is called Prescott. Yeah, low blow, but a conversation with someone who would know told us that the numbers we hear about Prescott, 103w is on the low end of right, with 100-110w being enough to give SFF box engineers in Taiwan apoplectic fits. The power design spec of 88-103A at 1.35v is a lot of electrons flowing here and there.

Fret not, the successor to Prescott, Tejas consumes less power, on the high end, but a tad more on the low end. The spec for this one is said to be 95-110A at 1.15v. Watts that I hear you say, not enough to draw your interest? Well, the generation after that is slated to draw a mind boggling 105-125A! Can they do that without sending arcs of lightning to every lamp in the room? Well, possibly if they drop the voltage more, but that is a bit unclear now. Educated speculation puts it at 1.05v, but that is a guess.

Source : The Inquirer

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