Asus to launch Radeon 9800XT/9600XT/9600SE/9200SE

Posted on Friday, September 26 2003 @ 19:12 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Some time ago we reported that Asus is going to make ATi graphics cards. Today Digit-Life found prove of this :
Just about several minutes ago while surfing the net we came to (but, in 5 minutes the document magically disappeared). The page contained some data on ATI Radeon based ASUS Radeon series videocards. They are: 9800 XT / TVD (256 MB RAM), 9600 XT / TVD (128 MB RAM), 9600 SE / TD (128 MB RAM), 9200 SE / TD (128 MB RAM), 9200 SE / T (64 MB RAM).
You can find the photos here at Digit-Life

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