Motherboard Monitor

Posted on Thursday, August 29 2002 @ 1:38 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Er is een nieuwe versie uit van Motherboard Monitor , namenlijk v5.2.0.0
MBM let's you monitor voltages, temperature, fan speeds, set alarm options and offers many more useful functions when you want to have a keen eye on your motherboard
Download : Motherboard Monitor

Changes from MBM to

  • new version of the mbmio.sys included
  • Full support for the ASB100 (including cpu diode readout for the A7V333)
  • W83L785R support
  • IDE HDD temp support (see below)
  • SCSI HDD temp support (see below)
  • Dashboard Transparency
  • ITE/SIS sensorchip fans back after suspend to ram
  • High/Low collors Correct (I hope)
  • Dashboard ini file write problem fixed
  • 2 new subvoltage for the W83627HF

    Bron : Warp2Search

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